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Kiran Kumar Dasari,Managing Director

Kiran Kumar Dasari

Managing Director

The constantly evolving security threat landscape, increased pressure around compliance, and the devastating impact of security breach have not only led the modern day businesses to rely on IT but to depend on safe & secure IT. At present times, the enterprises have become more and more dependent on the public internet for over all performance, continuity, and security. Moreover, in the new world of network management, the real change is to know the art of possibility. Being able to see the affecting problems, finding the plethora of better choices, and switch to the new optimal option has been the current focus for point-to-point monitoring & analysis. Therefore, protecting the network access has not only been a matter of concern for the network team but also requires a combination of strategic actions, organizational capabilities, and enabling technologies. Thus, foreseeing the amplifying demand of an organization to safeguard their network infrastructure & security, many companies have ushered into the networking and security space with robust solutions & models.

One such company in the trending space is Hyderabad based Da4K Technologies. The company is the brainchild of Kiran Kumar Dasari, a business & technology management professional with over 20+ years of experience in IT Security & Governance, Quality Management, ITIL & Program management. Explicating on the inception journey of Da4K Technologies, Kiran speaks, “The world of technology innovation continues at a relentless pace, significantly impacting the organizations’ life. To successfully cope up with the changes, businesses need to deliver ever-smarter networks, higher levels of Security& Governance solutions. Identifying the necessity for a robust IT infrastructure to manage all in best of the possible way, I decided to carry forward my experiences & knowledge on Designing IT Infrastructure, designing IT Service delivery Framework &managing IT operations by venturing a firm in the networking and information security space. Thus, Da4K Technologies was institutionalized.”
Professional, Managed & Security Services - In a Nutshell
Hyderabad based Da4K Technologies endeavours to put forward the best-in-class infrastructure service delivery lines for the new era of IT Infrastructure.Flagging off the journey to render professional services and pointing this as the key service line, the company entitles to cover the entire spectrum of IT consulting and infrastructure deployment of the end customers. Moreover, they study the IT environment that includes network, Servers, end points, applications, policies & procedures and understand their client’s strategies by aligning them to their core business goals rather than just simply providing a solution. Narrating on the same, Kiran says, “Post our study, we give the clients a complete suite gap analysis report that talks about AS-IS setup & security posture, recommendations on Industry best practices, investment, ROI, SLAs & more. Our key focus is to know their business objectives, design/ redesign the current IT Security architecture to deliver expected outcomes. Our phased driven IT Assessment Service, helps the customers to understand the gaps and plan for robust IT infrastructure.

With an adroit team forged with the GE DNA and mastered on the lines of art-of-the infrastructure services, Da4K Technologies acts as an end-to-end IT solutions providers in the arena of networking & security

Da4K Technologies performs security assessment to ensure the overall security posture of the IT infrastructure. From endpoints to the perimeters, it proffers process consulting based on ISO 27001 framework, setting up the process that can be seamlessly run by the client for IT Infrastructure Security effectively - thus, enhancing the end user experience. Additionally, the other services include managerial & security that accounts network management, server management, endpoint management, AMC, security monitoring & reporting, network perimeter security, endpoint security, VA PT & so on.

The requisite for ubiquitous connectivity, new data-intensive applications in areas such as IoT, cloud computing has led to the demand for new network approaches. In accordance to this, Da4K Technologies does not offer cloud services but enables the customers for the use of cloud computing. Considering the shift from LAN to WAN and the security over WAN as key drivers of the modern cloud computing architecture, the company
focuses on the granular level of security aspect in various stages like DLP at end points, controls over perimeters, security of data in transit, encryptions & more. “We derive the equation with our three parameters ‘technology, people & process’ and collaborate them with industry best practices, coupled with ITIL framework and build a customized process architecture,” mentions Kiran.

In context to cloud computing, the company lines up the process architecture with technologies to create a with strong process framework that can heal overall security of the business. With their well-defined comprehensive process, they help the IT firms to build their strategy and improvise on their availability, security & scalability.

Expanding Internationally
With an adroit team forged with the GE DNA and mastered on the lines of art-of-the infrastructure services, Da4K Technologies acts as an end-to-end IT solutions providers in the arena of networking & security. Catering its services mainly to small & medium scale enterprises, the company has grown exponentially with generating a revenue rate of 60 to 70 percent within a year of inception and serves to 30+ clients. Also, theyhave partnered with Singapore based company to execute projects. “In the coming years, we foster to extend our services to major industry verticals and deliver the long-lasting reliable solutions for infrastructure implementation, maintenance, and procurement. Down-the-line, we will expand our presence in Philippines & Malaysia,” concludes Kiran.

Key Management:
Kiran Kumar Dasari, Managing Director, Da4K Technologies :
A business & technology management professional in the IT domain with 20+ years of experience, Kiran has proven track records in successfully delivering services at different roles. He also acquires a strong knowledge, business acumen, people management& interpersonal skills across cultures to enhance organizational efficiency.

Key Services :
1. Security Services :
• Security Monitoring & Reporting
• Network Perimeter Security
• End Point Security
• Network Security

2. Managed Services:
• Network Management
• Server Management
• End Point Management

3. Professional Services:
• Network Assessment
• Security Assessment
• ITIL Consulting