DamaCas: Introducing Make in India Products to the Dynamic Ecommerce Market place

Samip Limbachiya, FounderMany Indian manufacturers either small or big (including some NGO's and artisans), do not always get the chance to explore their products in the Indian market due to lack of financial and/or technical resources. These manufacturers might also face competition from big flourished and recognized foreign brands. DamaCas aims to solve this by giving them the opportunity to have a larger reach to customers and market their products on our website. The team will provide vendors (NGO's and artisans) one-to-one help to register and add their products on DamaCas' website. It will also be running innovative marketing campaigns and attracting a solid customer base to be able to provide regular orders (B2B and B2C) for many of these businesses. This will help people sustain a livelihood and increase the number of sales.

DamaCas was established with a vision to improve the existing E-commerce Marketplace in India and also to add innovations every step of the way to create a unique customer experience. DamaCas focuses solely on products which are made by artisans and hugely talented skilled workers who create wonderful products, and displaying their products on a great website for the Indian public to view and purchase. The startup, as a harbinger of the `Make in India' initiative, is aiming to invest in and support local and small businesses.
DamaCas is aiming to provide ex-press delivery services to customers from any local stores in city or village within 2-3 hours which is an unique segment that no other platform provides this service. It also aims to provide express delivery services in the B2B segment where manufacturers and suppliers who need bulk items from other businesses can get immediate delivery of goods through the DamaCas local segment. More-over, this platform will be creating a portal where any professional world-wide will get a platform to serve people with their professional skills. So, in this way DamaCas acts as a service provider for several business such as Yoga Classes, Education Consultant, Real Estate, Social Work, Restaurants, Recreation, Media, Communication and so on.

DamaCas' unique feature is that it is a multi vendor market place that showcases only Indian products, which are in abundance

DamaCas is an E-commerce Multi-Vendor platform with 7 professionals brainstorming to strategize, plan and execute the operational plan in different departments. With enough investment, the team can successfully manage its own inventory and process the orders from the warehouses.

DamaCas is unique in many ways, although it is a multivendor marketplace. The most prominent of them all is the showcasing of only Indian products, which in turn, are in abundance. The inclusion of a B2B segment is again very unique as marketplaces do not provide this option. DamaCas will allow customer to purchase from one item to bulk items in any quantity. This will allow corporate companies to find bespoke solutions for client and employee gifting. Moreover, the highly advanced tech which includes AI/AR features will add to the uniqueness of a multi-vendor marketplace and the overall shipping experience.

Sharing insights on DamaCas' current strategies and growth, the Founder, Samip Kumar says, "We already have a product which is functional with customers placing orders for various items on our website. Whilst we recognize the need to update the technology, have AI/VR functions to have an added advantage and better customer experience, we understand that the focus is always getting the MVP out in the market for testing. This has enabled us to improve processes, get more vendors on board and get satisfied customers. We continue to learn and improve different functions". Moving forward Samip plans to take his venture global and is also looking to expand into different segments in the near future.