Datalytics: Creating Impactful Content

Dinesh Silwal,CEOWhen Dinesh Silwal completed his Master Degree/Post Graduation from Cardiff University, he started outsourcing Content Writing and Data Analytics work of the local companies of UK to Nepal. During this time, he noticed that Nepal had a number of unemployed people who are qualified enough and are looking for work. After having spent some time in the UK and doing about the outsourcing work, the idea of joining together these qualified people to solve the problems of unemployment struck Dinesh and he came up with the plan of setting up Datalytics. An ISO Certified outsourcing company based in Kathmandu, Datalytics offers different services to its clients such as Content Writing, Technical Writing, Article Writing for Websites, Product Description, Ghost Writing, Fiction Writing, eBooks writing and various other writing services. "During the outsourcing work, I saw that there were a lot of opportunities to solve problems of unemployment of qualified people in Nepal with these works and that's when I thought of starting my own venture and take a plunge into the entrepreneurial world with Datalytics," says Dinesh Silwal, CEO, Datalytics.

A B2B outsourcing company, the company's core agenda and niche focus areas lies in
Content Writing, Technical Report Writing, Digital Strategy, SEO & Data Analysis Services. From Data Cleaning, Data Quality Audit, Analysis of Homogeneity and Missing Observations to SEO Strategy, SEO Audit, On Page and Off Page SEO, Social Media Marketing and influence Marketing, the startup provides an array of services all under one roof. Being the first company in Nepal to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the above processes, Datalytics has been successful in creating a big community of Content Writers & Data Analysts. "To keep our company ahead of the competition we have implemented a number of strategies like working on future trends and studying future market while also recruiting the best talent. We have also invested time and money to develop marketing automation software that helps us auto-mate the tedious task associated with marketing, giving our marketing team more time to focus on data analysis and creative marketing tactics," he adds.

Currently focused on portfolio diversification into multiple sectors, Datalytics is working on other multiple projects to expand its business and reach

Challenges are inevitable to any organisation! Datalytics was no exception to this convention and faced a number of hurdles in its operations. From remittance issues and recruiting & retaining qualified manpower to Plagiarism, Collusion & English Standard Checking Tools, it encountered some of the biggest challenges while starting the work. However, by developing an in-house AI tool and setting up a research team to analyze the problem and work on its solution, the company was able to steer away smoothly through the difficult times. Set up with the motive of providing quality work to its customers, Datalytics has come a long way since its foundation in 2015. Slowly entering the Australian and the US market in the subsequent years, it now has its physical presence in three countries, with Nepal being the base office. Currently focused on portfolio diversification into multiple sectors, the company is also working on other multiple projects to expand its business and reach. "We are developing multiple marketplaces for our offshore users and clients to help them easily outsource their works without much hassle. We are also working on Saas Products which we will be launching in later of 2020 to solve the Content Writing & Data Analysis issues of Western Businesses.