Davva: A Healthcare Concierge

Jai Tolani, Founder & CEO

Jai Tolani

Founder & CEO

The retrograding condition of the healthcare sector in the Middle East compelled several innovators to come up with measures that could give it a significant lift, thereby stimulating salubrity throughout the region. The recent decade has witnessed an up¬surge of numerous startups in this specific domain. These start-ups have rapidly gained traction, catching the eyes of the mammoths of the ecosystem. This however raised the annual investment, making the market eligible of reaching about a $19.5 billion business in the upcoming years. The need for high quality and an organized provision of medical care have undoubtedly engendered a palmy environment that supports the growth and development of the healthcare stratum in this patch.

The Journey
Jai Tolani, an excellent alumnus of the King’s College of London deployed his knowledge to boost the sapping state of the healthcare sector in the Middle East. His venture Davva aims to restructure the operations of the healthcare sector by bringing doctors, patients and medical aggregators in a single digital platform. His basic intention of establishing a healthcare app was to remove all complexities concerning medical ministrations, therapists, diagnostics and every other factor that are related to the science or practice of medicine.
“The idea of establishing a healthcare app came to me when my grandfather was undergoing treatment. I was bothered by the way the whole healthcare system functioned. I had spent considerate time on investigating and evaluating the exact scenario, requirements of both patients and medical care providers before launching Davva,” articulates Jai Tolani.

Davva has brought doctors, patients and healthcare aggregators in the vicinity of each other, creating a digital healthcare ecosystem

The four basic functionalities of this app Connect with a pharmacy, Doctor’s Appointment, Diagnostic Tests and Therapy Sessions are designed keeping in mind the requisites of the multitudes. Connect with a pharmacy module enables a user to browse through the nearby pharmacies and send prescription/e-prescription/ medicine list to purchase medicines or even get more information about it. It also allows users to purchase over the counter(OTC) medicines through online pharmacy functionality within this component. Getting an appointment with your desired doctor is simplified and made seamless with Doctor’s Appointment module. Patients can find the doctor which best suits their needs by sorting through the doctor’s list and specialties, and consult them at the clinic, home or even have an online consultation. The company has collaborated with diagnostic and therapy centres in the region to enable customers to book tests or sessions at their desired clinic through Diagnostic Tests and Therapy Sessions.

Apart from the four main functionalities of the app, it also facilitates customers with medicine/appointment reminders, reschedule/cancel appointments, notifications about the requests, and vitals storage. Users can store and synchronize medical records and vitals manually or through wearables, allowing them to access medical history at their convenience.“Our aim is to develop a user-friendly app that makes healthcare simple and accessible. Anyone using our app can not only keep their medical records but add their family members to track their needs too,” he comments.

In a span of three years, the company has made significant headway and it has on-boarded many skilled and adroit people in its team and extended its reach to UAE and India aiming to make a mark across the globe. The team is further enhancing its functionality with additional features like media, health news, exhibitions and health partners. “On the whole, we have developed a connected platform ecosystem to synchronize healthcare facilitators and patients in an effective and efficient manner,” he concludes.