Altorum Leren: Translating The Deep Learning

Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder & CEO ,Sandeep Parira, Founder & MD Badrish Vasanth Adya, CQO

Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder & CEO

Sandeep Parira, Founder & MD Badrish Vasanth Adya, CQO

"Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gift. It is the mother of civilization, of arts and of sciences," averted Templeton awardee, American theoretical physicist and mathematician, Freeman Dyson. This catchphrase pulls our attention to the sooth of how technology hatched innovations which gradually made life convenient and plain sailing. To a large extent it has called forth productivity and growth in personal, social and economic front. Progressivists are ardently using all the available resources and merging them together in new-fangled ways devises technology of the superlative standard. This technological jaunt does not end here, the interest and activity of further embellishing the existing technology is wheedling the imagination of the neoterics. This endeavour has instated the concept of Deep technology whose terrain comprises of the incredible technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and others. This technological bliss is not only leveraged to augment the quality of technology but has the potential of significantly impacting business model, team skills and spark off expansive economic development.

Sandeep Parira and Prateek Shukla founded Altorum Leren to assay the new opportunities and possibilities technology can offer to man, machines and the system. The duo has built a versatile technological company to perceive and grasp the right set of circumstances persisting in the small or mid-sized companies that have the objective of launching their products and services in the market space. "Our main object of exercise was to structure a concern for the developers. We are developers ourselves do comprehend technological needs and requirements of tech-savvy companies that abide by the concept of availing the power of technology to upgrade their services and products. So we have stepped forward to recognise the window off opportunities deep tech industry can produce and use these latitudes to help companies polish their offerings and enable them to dispense quality services to their clients," narrates, Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Altorum Leren.

Sandeep Parira,Founder & Managing Director

What does it Deal with!
As a deep tech company, Altorum Leren puts forwards a gamut of hi-tech services in the UX/UI, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation, Cloud Computing & DevOps to augment their IoT Platform. It has also established several concepts and systems which are completely rooted into technological innovations as well as cloud-based automation. In the main, it is endeavouring to mould conventional Artificial Intelligence to succour businesses to block and tackle any sort of stumbling block on in their manoeuvre and through these advance yet evaluated machineries and knowledge, the company is helping them to jack up the customers' experiences as well. Throwing light on which Sandeep Parira, Founder and Managing Director, Altorum Leren apprises, "The literal meaning of Altorum Leren is "Deep Learning" and that exactly what the company is all about. We are enthusiastically espousing technology and integrating it with creativity and out-of-the-box ideas to draft trailblazing concepts and systems. That's how we stay true to our maxim-Let's build your tomorrow."

To aggrandize itself the company has been observing a series of strong training and learning practices along with quality culture which it has been espying since the first day of its inception. In fact, to keep itself a step ahead of curve, it apprehends avantgarde strategies, adopts all technological and automation upheaval and stays completely focussed on its purpose and aspirations. "As
our mainstay has been niche technologies and small/mid-sized companies, it was very much important that we maintain valid stance as Deep tech venture in order to reach the crowning point. We made sure to meet the changing demands of our clients and keep ourselves upgraded with the latest development in the field of technology. At Altorum Leren, we consider clients feedbacks as divine sayings because it is a vital metric for our growth and development," says Sandeep.

It would not be wrong to note that the mainstays of the firm are adding values to its overall growth in terms of revenue, clients as well as employees. The company staunchly believes in its state-of-the-art craftsmanship and the power of up to date technologies. This inch perfect combination and the adroit supervision of the prime movers have empowered the company to be a game changer in the industry. Prateek adds, "Our congenial and Open-Door policy provides our team a warm and friendly environment to dwell in. They can freely discuss open their issues be it personal or work related. The management team steps in to support but considering professional ethics of course. We encourage employees to provide their feedback anytime through a feedback system which provides for anonymity."

Badrish Vasanth Adya, CQO

Adithya Sreyajone of the key employee sums it up "At Altorum Leren it is tech fun. In true sense we have "deep learning" and exposure to the latest technologies. The informal atmosphere at work provides us with the right ingredients to meet our growth ambitions."

Team Altorum Leren

How has it Evolved!
Altorum Leren has evolved as the pioneer in the Deep tech industry. Since inception it has witnessed two-fold growths in revenue, client base and employees. In two years, span, the company has on boarded clients from three major countries i.e. India, US and Europe. It has banded together with IT firms and numerous other organizations and is dedicatedly working towards developing profound business systems that would further enhance the overall development of these concerns. "We are serving reputed manufacturing, up-coming retail, and subscription management companies in both national and International platforms," he adds.

Altorum leren aspires to leverage the potentiality of AI to scrutinize the opportunity for small & mid-sized companies

The Roadmap
The company is rapidly making strides to bloom in the area of IoT with their capabilities around UI/UX, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and Full Stack Development. It aspires to leverage the potentiality of AI to scrutinize the opportunity for small/mid-sized companies. It is on endeavouring to take on board industry veterans which would boost up the Advisory board in the area of Technological advancement and Business development and parallel investment to seek both organic and inorganic growth.

“Altorum Leren to assay the new opportunities and possibilities technology can offer to man, machines and the system”

Sandeep Parira: Founder and Managing Director An accomplished executive with experience in domestic and international operations and marketing, Sandeep is involved in both start up and growing organizations. Highly self-motivated and result oriented, strives to achieve constant growth and productivity while being pragmatic and rational. Strives to constantly to pursue challenges in this fast-growing industry. Has a successful track record of having led organizations of regional and international standards in various domains like Banking, Healthcare, Telecom and others. Founder of three start-ups, Altorum Leren Private Limited; Artiscien Software Solution Private Limited, and Inspiroma Informatics Private Limited.

Prateek Shukla: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Experienced in domestic and international operations and marketing that involves both start-up and growing organizations, Prateek a self-motivated and result oriented leader with proven success and track records that indicate constant growth and productivity. Under his leadership Altorum Leren Employee base, client base and company revenues went twofold in a mere span of two years. Experienced in lead costing negotiations to increase gross margin on key products.

Badrish Vasanth Adya: Chief Quality Officer With 34+ years of experience in domestic and international operations and marketing that involves both IT and manufacturing organizations, Badrish a self-motivated and result oriented leader with proven success and track records that indicate constant growth and productivity through internal automation to minimize manual processes across all the delivery enabling functions using the Quality management system as the base. He is one of the key Management team members of Altorum Leren. An industry veteran having worked in Mphasis Limited and Kirloskar Electric Company Limited.