DeepLearn Solutions: Striving to be a Change Bringer in the Indian EduTech Start-up Realm

The EduTech start-up segment in India has been gaining momentum over the past decade or so and the mushrooming of more and more companies brings in a new wave of optimism for this market stratum which is still going through its infancy period. DeepLearn Solutions is one such company that aims to revolutionize the way students prepare for standardized tests through the use of new and innovative technologies like Cloud Computing, AI, Big Data and Blockchain. The company's unique methodology is based on the five pillars of Prepare, Practice, Adapt, Collaborate and Gamify. DeepLearn Solutions, headed by the versatile trio of PEC pass-outs -Simranjit Singh, Arshdeep Bahga, and Amit Sareen, has been taking ground-breaking measures through innovative techniques that can take the Indian EduTech start-up segment to a whole different level. DeepLearn Solutions' unique operational methods and one-off policies have helped the company to not only get a foothold in the industry but also create a niche in the market.

Embracing their Uniqueness
DeepLearn Solutions is the only fully bi-lingual test-taking platform for UPSC Prelims. Through this distinguishing characteristic, the company has opened a whole new arena of preparation, which did not exist until now. "We deeply believe in `practice'. Unlike most platforms that are majorly selling their content, we have a unique platform where anyone can practice what one has prepared. So now, without waiting to finish the whole syllabus, they can take mock tests. Although, the UPSC exam can be taken in any Indian language, hardly anyone focuses on a language other than English. Upon analysis, we found that out of the total selections made, approximately 50 percent are of those who chose Hindi as their medium of the test. However, there are no tests or much study material available in Hindi, and that's exactly where we found a sweet spot in this crowded space", avers, Simranjit Singh, the Founder, Director and CEO, DeepLearn Solutions.

Combining their five-pillar methodology and their ability to provide immense customer delight by providing solutions to their users' queries (again bilingually), DeepLearn Solutions has been able to play a crucial role in ensuring that their clients' goals are achieved. "Our underlying technology platform code-named DeepLearn Sprint X.0 has been engineered and developed as a generic test-preparation platform that can be customized for different exam types. The platform offers features such as hyper-personalization, gamification of learning, advanced analytics, and collaborative community learning.

Also, DeepLearn Sprint X.0 has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies including Cloud Computing, AI, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain that makes it highly scalable, available, reliable, flexible and secure. Another product of ours is SprintUPSC. It has been developed on top of DeepLearn Sprint X.0 and is available as web and mobile applications. Through a
combination of innovative patent-pending technologies and original and high-quality content developed by subject experts, SprintUPSC envisions paving a unique and enjoyable way by which civil service aspirants can prepare effectively and efficiently for the UPSC examination", avers, Arshdeep Bahga, CTO, DeepLearn Solutions.

Staying Relevant in the Industry
"Having interviewed countless aspirants of UPSC exam, when we asked what they feel is the 'One factor' that can make all the difference, invariably we received the reply - 'Practice'. So, we got our thinking heads together and came up with an idea of having the largest UPSC question bank to practice from. Also, we wanted it to be on a state-of-the-art, feature-rich platform that could provide real-time analytics to the users and help them with their preparation. To have a great solution, it's important to have a clear problem statement. With lakhs of candidates taking the exam every year, this was not very difficult to understand.

We just had to talk to them, and that we did. This activity resulted in a beautiful, clear picture. We understood that the most important aspect which has been missed again and again while preparing a solution in this particular domain is `practice'. The second most important thing missed is providing what users need in their preferred language. We do both", says, Amit Sareen, CPO, DeepLearn Solutions, when asked about how the company has been able to address the pain points so successfully that their clients have been facing for all these years.

Striving for the prosperous future ahead, team DeepLearn Solutions not only aims to make SprintUPSC the number one test preparation platform in the next couple of years but also customize the underlying Sprint X.0 platform to extend their scope to other government examinations. Furthermore, the company is striving to achieve a strong market presence by leveraging digital channels and building partnerships with brick-and-mortar coaching institutes, key influencers and educators.

Simranjit Singh,Founder, Director and CEO

Simranjit Singh,Founder, Director and CEO
Having 14+ years of experience, an engineer turned entrepreneur, Simranjit knew and understood the problems of UPSC aspirants very well. Since the inception of the idea, passionately and tirelessly working for the past two years, he has been the driving force and energy behind DeepLearn Solutions while leading the organization from the forefront.

Amit Sareen -Co-Founder, Director and CPO
Amit has over a decade of experience in design, development and implementation of various software systems, including gigantic product implementations like the Oracle middleware stack and other cloud services. His technical and business expertisein functional areas, and a thorough understanding of the business strategy have been a major driving factor behind the quick growth of DeepLearn Solutions.

Arshdeep Bahga -Co-Founder, Director and CTO
Arshdeep is the technical mastermind of this whole solution. Noted for his research work and textbooks in the areas of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Big Data, he has been instrumental in the design and build of the actual final product, leading the development team by example, setting impeccable technology standards. Arshdeep has, to his credit, several scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and technology patents.