Dekredix Fintech India: Where Meritocracy & Coherence Breeds Innovation

Prasheel Kumar Singh,   CEOWhen imagining scenarios of two companies the first has a large workforce owing to its massive paycheck system but is known for favoritism in work culture. The second, however, promotes a meritocratic work environment, where good ideas are cultivated, irrespective of the individual's background. As a job seeker, which company lures you more?

Traditionally, many aspirants would opt to work with the first company. However, the younger generation emphasizes mental health along with financial security. This is exactly what drives the people at Dekredix Fintech India a Mumbai-based financial services company, that provides a better work environment. Although just a year old, Dekredix has managed to stand above the rest.

Born as the brainchild of two visionary brothers - Prasheel Singh and Prashast Singh - Dekredix's journey dates back to mid-May of 2020. Prasheel brought life to its objective of providing financial solutions within TAT. The brothers fought the challenges and incorporated Dekredix Fintech India in 2022.

Dekredix has positioned itself securely in the industry with a variety of solutions covering loans, investments, mutual fund distributions,

insurance, credit cards, and wealth management. The company holds the distinction of being a reliable platform amongst 500+ happy clients, which covers big companies, MSMEs, startups, and individuals. Dekredix collaborates with banks, NBFCs, and PSUs to provide customized solutions and keep clients up to date. Their field operations team saves time for both customers and the brand.

Dekredix provides customised solutions by collaborating with mainstream financial institutions like banks, NBFCs, & PSUs

Prasheel Singh, CEO of Dekredix, encourages the team to take ownership of their work and empowers them to create and execute innovative plans that prioritize exceptional customer experiences. The company's approach is based on a deep understanding of both B2C and B2B frameworks.

As a financial consultant, Prasheel brings together a perfect amalgam of industry experience, technical depth, and business acumen. He started his career as a business development manager and went on to hold key positions at different companies. He also has expertise in international business, loan portfolio analysis, startups, and investment banking.

Into the Array of Services
In today's fast-paced financial landscape, customers need reliable service enablers that simplify the financial process and help them make informed decisions. They require personalized financial advice and resources that provide them with the tools to succeed in their financial goals, amidst the complexity of navigating between various financial institutions.

Dekredix caters to these needs perfectly and assists customers in managing their finances by offering customizable services. "Others have different consultants for different products. Here, we have only one consultant for every product," articulates Prasheel Singh.

En route to the Future
The company aims to launch its mobile app by the end of July, and it is currently working on a turnkey project to provide comprehensive insurance solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Navi Mumbai and Pune, Dekredix seeks to set its feet in Lucknow and Delhi soon.