DesignBoat: Reaching Out To the Start-ups, Drop outs, Freshers and Students with a Knack for Design!

Harsha Kakkeri ,  CEOThe world has provided us with enough instances which prove that a college degree shouldn’t be standing between you and your dream. This is one such exceptional example that is now set to revolutionize the digital design world. Harsha Kakkeri was passionate about digital design. However he was a college dropout and did not go through a formal training in design. Not letting these factors hold him back in his career, Harsha Kakkeri soon found himself at a start-up as a graphic designer. This was a time when the world was yet to be caught under the digital wave. Harsha kept working until years later he called it quits while he was Head of Product Design to start his own venture. Today with an experience of more than a decade, he has co-founded the UI-UX Studio and Design School, DesignBoat with Akshay Bukka, who is a techie with IT experience of 6years focussing on mentoring team and Chetan
Deshmukh, who with his good management skills is involved in strategic planning, with the aim to meet the UI-UX need of companies with exceptional design and also equip aspiring designers with the skills to make it in the world of digital design. Harsha Kakkeri says, “It took me 12 years to understand the complete design process. I don't want the upcoming young generations to spend another 12 years to understand what design is."

DesignBoat will bring students, startups and educational institutes on one platform and revolutionize the design education sector

When asked about what makes DesignBoat different, Harsha amiably says that he does not think too much about the competition in the market.He adds, “DesignBoat is not business commodity. The design school is my contribution to the design community. I believe in my team and my 12 years of practical experience. Here, we are driven by our desire to educate students who are really passionate about design but do not have a proper guidance to see them through. The team at DesignBoat considers every student as a fresher and teaches them from scratch."
DesignBoat studio and training arm started with in a single room penthouse with one student & 3 clients. Within a short duration of four months, it has grown to include 54 students, 22 clients, covered 10 cities, 6 member design team and also shared Design talks at 5 Colleges across Karnataka.

DesignBoat has a beautifully crafted design studio situated in HSR. Akshay adds, “We have set minimal fees so that all students are able to afford education. We also have the option for instalment. No matter what we do, we make sure that the students get the right approach. Students here can come down to studio anytime for practise and clear doubts even after they complete the course. We only wish to bring forward quality designers."

DesignBoat Studio takes pride in having assisted many startups in shaping their ideas into concrete products. Harsha ensures to take just four projects at a time for delivering quality product. He is honoured to work with BCG, Foyr, Cogmeta, SMILES, Nischint, Spotizen, Reverie Technologies and many more startups.

Signing off, Harsha says the team at DesignBoat is currently working in a break-through project that will bring students, start-ups and educational institutes on one platform and revolutionize the design education sector.