DesignGatha -Interior Design Studio: Proffering Cutting-edge Interiors with a High-end Finish

Shivani Shesh,FounderThe interior design market is a crafty science enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. The interior design business is developing rapidly in the Indian market. The growth in interior design is attributed to the growing Indian real estate market, growing population, rising income levels, and urbanization. Other factors that lead to a surge in demand for Interior designing services include smart homes, the influence of social media, and changes in the living standards and lifestyle of the people.

Significantly, DesignGatha is a Noida based Interior Design Studio, founded in 2020 by Shivani Shesh with the vision to provide, alluring designs to all the strata of society. Shivani’s years of experience, wisdom, added with an era of design and style brings the perfect blend in providing innovative and unique designs to the clients’ platter. “Our constant endeavor is to cater to people and make the surroundings they are living in, more beautiful”.

As a design studio, DesignGatha is not limited to a particular design style, it is open to creating an amalgamation of aesthetic and unique designs as per the specification of the clients. According to Shivani Shesh, designs should be functional, irrespective of design style.
If we are designing residential spaces, we need to give a cozy feel; the home should emit warmth, with pleasing environs, and should be devoid of emitting vibes like that of a luxury hotel. DesignGatha makes an effort to create timeless designs, yet we strive to merge it with the contemporary, with the various moods and shades of life; we try not to be monotonous. Every client has their own requirements, we incorporate the same while designing.

DesignGatha is a people-oriented firm offering services that are Budget-friendly and customer savvy; they revel in happy and elated clients. They try to cater to their clients, far more than what they bargained for, and strive to achieve maximum clients’ contentment at minimum possible cost.

DesignGatha fabricates classic designs, yet it strives to merge it with the contemporary with the various moods and shades of life

"Mostly, people cannot visualize, compose color combos, and often get confused regarding designs for a particular space, hence, this results in a muddle of designs; either colors are too loud and jarring or principles of design are not followed. DesignGatha provides functional designs which are aesthetically pleasing, synonymous with color, shapes, patterns, while staying committed to the clients' requirements.

DesignGatha is a complete package of functional and aesthetically pleasing designs, wherein it weaves the story of the client through its designs. The various Interior Design Services provided by the firm include Kitchen & Wardrobes, Hospitality/Residential & Commercial spaces, Furniture customization, Landscape & Terrace designs, Turnkey projects. Further, the story does not stop here, the firm also provides Styling services, wherein after the completion of interior work, it decides and chooses the type and color of carpets, cushions, rugs, upholstery, furniture, décor pieces and many more. It is executed by the DesignGatha team, as part of the package.

Further, as the firm forges ahead, it is coming forward with the implementation of Loan facility plans so that the clients can get interiors done in EMIs and not worry about the cost. DesignGatha has collaborations with craftsmen and artisans and furthermore, we are planning to launch our own range of furniture and décor products.