DesignWay: Good Design, Good Business

As we all know that social media has become an in-dispensable part of our lives and affects almost every avenue of our being, it has now evolved into more than just an interaction module. People are now cultivating their brands through these channels and leading the foundation of many businesses. Similar is the story of DesignWay-one of the most successful ventures set up in Goa. It all started when the company's Director and Co-Founder Omkar Harmalkar approached the CEO and Co-Founder Ben Steffens via a direct message on Instagram. The conversation then led to both of them working on individual projects together which finally piloted them to the thought of creating a development agency. Realising the potential of this, Omkar quickly approached DivyaGawas, a highly talented developer to come on board which eventually steered the way for the footing of Goa's leading software development agency-DesignWay. "We offer the best services that money can buy and we believe that only a strong unified team of best developers and designers will aid us in creating a disruption within markets. And that is what we are trying to do at DesignWay by building strong connections between team members to enhance productivity," says Omkar.

A digital product development agency with having designed, developed and marketed over 100+ digital products, DesignWay guides its clients through the whole process and treats every project as the development of the business. The company follows a simple three step protocol of Research, Design, and Build; that ensures a beautiful and intuitive UI/UX that helps increase engagement and deliver a quality product for the customer. Backed by a team of award-winning senior designers, the company heavily invests in R&D before beginning the design and development phase of any mobile app or
Omkar Harmalkar, Divya Gawas & Ben Steffens,Co-Founders

website that assists them in offering reliable and quality products at reasonable prices. DesignWay's balance between price point and quality ensures that the company stays ahead of the competition in the market and helps transform digital dreams into reality. "Our unmatched work ethic and quality services have already gained us much praise and a strong, loyal customer base. We are continually expanding our growth capacity to ensure the best experience for our customers," asserts Divya Gawas, Co-Founder.

DesignWay's balance between price point and quality ensures that the company stays ahead of the competition in the market and helps transform our digital dreams into reality

Established in 2017, DesignWay has come a long way since its inception and is positioned high on the ladder of success. The company is constantly pushing boundaries for change and has recently partnered with `WeCompare,' one of the largest comparison websites in UK. The company has also launched a new website of their own that showcases all the major bits of work done by them in such a short tenure. What started out with just four employees, DesignWay has now grown steadily over the past two years and has around twenty highly experienced employees at the moment. "We are now planning to move to a larger location that would facilitate further growth in the future and are also looking forward to offer a `team package' option for companies looking to reduce the costs of larger on-going projects by offering them a virtual team of employees," concludes Ben Steffens, Co-Founder.