Devika Diwan Designs: Crafting Elegant & Subline Personalized Designs

Devika Diwan Vinayak,FounderWhen we talk about the creative architecture field, there has been a revolutionary shift towards designing spaces in recent years. The Indian designing space is getting a lot more popular and global exposure than ever before, thanks to the recent boom in social media platforms and design websites. An interior architect by profession, Devika Diwan had nurtured a deep passion for creating little decorative spaces since her early childhood days. Through her work, Devika illuminates natural, unfinished materials into aesthetically pleasing spaces that mature over time. After graduating from design school, during the fall of 2015, Devika established her design studio – Devika Diwan Designs. Through her brand, Devika creates custom-made spaces which breathes alive the unique individual tastes imagined by her clients.

"I've been in the industry for almost five years now. There has been a lot of change in terms of practical field experience over the past ten years when I was still a student of design. Nowadays, there are a lot more people who want to go into the interior designing industry."- reveals Devika Diwan.

Irrespective of the number of projects or the number of years of experience garnered by
the team at Devika Diwan Designs, the approach of the design studio has always been the same. Devika Diwan Designs provides customized designs based on what exactly the clients are looking for. "This is how we differentiate ourselves from other design studios out there. We are never going to stop from doing any type or any size of project," says Devika.

Giving the dream interiors to the people is the ultimate dream of mine

Initially starting her journey single handedly, Devika used to get clients through word of mouth. "In the first one and a half years, we were involved in several residential projects, which helped kick-start our growth in the industry." After the initial few years of hustle, there was no looking back for Devika and her team of designers. Today, Devika not only spearheads a team of interior designers in her studio, but she also mentors across several Design Universities in India.

Devika Diwan Designs is not just an Interior designing firm involved in projects. Over the years, the studio has ventured into all the different verticals of designing, be it arranging a Webinar for Interior Designers or getting into the styling industry. "It is more of a creative journey rather than limiting ourselves to interiors," concludes Devika.

Devika has been promoting curated and personalized aesthetic designs through her design studio, which are way ahead of its time across all the segments of interior designing from residential to retail and corporate spaces. In addition, Devika Diwan has her lifestyle store located at Khan Market, New Delhi, where she has a rich collection of light furniture, art and craft, and sculptors, which reflects her unique new age designs and chic décor. She opines, "today everyone is aware of what they want, my work as an interior designer is to bring out a better and an enriched version of their dreams to life." Devika Diwan feels that giving back to society is equally essential. Apart from her robust plans to expand Devika Diwan Design studio to the next level, the team of designers at the studio is also coming up with a unique e-commerce website that will promote women-oriented brands from the creative fields.