Devsecura: Taking a Distinctive Approach towards Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

Pranav Amonkar, Founder & Managing Director

Pranav Amonkar

Founder & Managing Director

According to a report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global cyber security market is projected to grow from USD 155.83 billion in 2022 to USD 376.32 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.4%. The growth in this sector has been rapid in the most developed countries like the US, UK and others and in the developing countries like India it is at such a stage where there is a lot of room for improvement. We can witness that demand for cybersecurity testing solutions is growing by the day in this country but providers are lacking the advanced approach that is required to cater to it. This is why Devsecura has emerged in the market with a completely new and advanced approach towards penetration testing and correctional testing in the country. The kind of definitive point of view of the company is exactly what is needed to fill the gap in the industry.

The company is aware of the changing trends in technology when it comes to cybersecurity solutions and has a team of expert engineers who work towards to the full satisfaction of a client. Here, it is the approach that makes all the difference for Devsecura. The company’s name is in fact derived two words that are development and
security and it is the motto of the company to provide the most advanced penetration and correctional testing solutions to its clients. “We provide cost-effective technology to avoid enterprise-wide risk and detect and respond to threats on the client’s behalf. We work towards bringing in information security leadership to enterprises of all sizes and become a trusted compliance and risk program adviser,” according to Pranav Amonkar, Founder and Managing Director, and Prajwal Parab, Founder and Director of the company.

We provide costeffective Technology To avoid enterprisewide Risk and detect And respond to Threats on the client’s Behalf

Operational Excellence
Generally, the timeline for a platform’s penetration testing is three days and most of the solution providers assign only one engineer to do the work. This is where the company has found the most problematic gap in this service industry. This is the reason why it has a team of 15 expert testing engineers who have a lot of combined experience in this industry. The company feels that in such short period of time, it is impossible to conduct all the vulnerability tests for a platform by one person. It becomes very difficult to test for all the bugs in only 72 hours and generate a full proof report for the same. “We assign a team of multiple engineers to conduct the various kinds of testing of any website or an application. Every engineer has his specific set of tools to conduct the test and at the end of three days, we are able to come up with an absolutely error free report for the client. I am having seven years of experience in this industry and I have developed this distinctive approach towards cybersecurity on my own”, states the Founder.

Road Ahead
The company got its first project on the seventh or eighth day of inception which was small scale and was also not very viable revenue wise as well. Still it worked on the same and finished it with perfection. Since then, the initial period was a little hard as it had to convince clients on the value adds of its cybersecurity solutions and as of now has more than 250 tie-ups worldwide. “We would like to expand our services and cater to international demands. In the coming few years we wish to have our presence in the US, the UK and Canada”, concludes the Founder.