DevX: Accelerating Innovation!

Umesh Uttamchandani, Rushit Shah & Parth Shah,Co-FoundersIt all began with an entrepreneurial dream; a dream that was seen by three friends Umesh Uttamchandani, Parth and Rushit Shah and Dev Information Technology Ltd., on mentoring and supporting the budding start-ups. The inception story of DevX revolves around the time when the trio along with a two-decade successful IT organization, decided to set up their venture but came across the fact that their home state Gujarat lagged in terms of producing a good start-up ecosystem. Coming across the problem of basic support that every start-up business need, they were quick to realize that it was even more difficult for Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in acquiring a proper platform that could bring the investors and innovators together and work for mutual benefit. Moreover, going with the paradigm that Gujarat being one of the most developed states, a strong push from established entrepreneurs’ end to create a concrete and a collaborative ecosystem was the need of the hour. That’s when the idea of DevX was born.

“It was not only to act as a channel
partner between startups & investors but also to be a start-up accelerator and a huge co-working space provider that fills the missing link. As entrepreneurs, it was one of the risky steps but our sincere efforts and hard work reaped benefits and within a short span, we were able to make an impact in bringing the culture of open working amongst traditional SMEs, MNCs, and Corporate,” says Umesh Uttamchandani, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer.

" DevX played an impressive role in being a single point-of-contact for clients’ right from setting up their base, taking care of all the legal formalities to practically implement and deliver allied services"

Sprawling over 40,000 sq.ft. area, with 750+ seats, DevX is one of the largest collaborative workspace providers in the state of Gujarat. A subsidiary of Dev Information Technology Ltd.(NSE: DevIT), the company strives to bridge the gap the start-ups face between the paucity of resources and goals. It provides an ecosystem for the co-workers to leverage the network of its parent company and deliver experienced mentorship with resolving issues regarding investment.

Ahmedabad based DevX not only offers a cost-effective solution to its clients rather initiates a place to collaborate and co-create. The company leverages an environment surrounded by like-minded people, gives liberty to startups, freelancers and others to thrive in their arms. Their office-cum-learning culture enables a person to form networks that
allows accessing the whole lot of repository of knowledge.

Serving to one of the fintech start-ups based out of South Africa to launch their product development centre in Ahmedabad, the company has played an impressive role in being a single point-of-contact for them right from setting up their base, taking care of all the legal formalities to practically implement and deliver allied services. He adds, “This not only gave us an impetus as a space supplier but also to build a technology and be a community creator.”

A Fulcrum for Growth
Apart from the core offerings, DevX’ agile office solution supports the entrepreneurs and gets them on-board right away. With a well-designed space that offers the best-of-facilities like spacious and open workstations, well crafted-furniture, private cabins, meeting and conference room, lounges and breakout zones, it also intends to render the co-workers a feasible technology solution through its integrated mobile applications. The company wants to brand itself as a promoter who promotes co-working space.

A complete bootstrapped venture running at 120 percent capacity, the next target initiatives of DevX includes Startup Accelerator Programs, Corporate Innovations Partnerships, Development of Centre of Excellence, Organizing Hackathon and University Relations. Umesh concludes, “We want to be the hub that breeds innovation and expand as an Innovation Lab in Tier II cities with a larger Inventory.”