Dezigndia Technologies: Aiding Clients To Stay Relevant With Tomorrow's Digital Future

Saugata Singh,Co-Founder

Saugata Singh


2020 has demonstrated unequivocally that technological collaboration is a critical component in the development of a successful firm. Technology has changed far too quickly in recent years. Missing the first door of opportunity may result in significantly reduced market potential. On the contrary, working with a technology business gives the quickest way to ensure a significant presence in your market area.

As one of the most trusted technology partners established in the year 2018, Dezigndia Technologies aims to revolutionize the practices of the Technology service business with its fundamental philosophy of Thriving on Trust and its objective ‘Experience the Future.’ Dezigndia Technologies was founded with a single purpose and promise in mind: digital solutions should be affordable, accessible, scalable and should provide a remarkable experience.

A 360-Degree Digital Solution Provider
Dezigndia Technologies' major strength is in innovative, advanced technology that will remain relevant even decades into the future and should be easily scalable and flexible to customize as needed. These include JavaScript-based languages such as React, Angular, NodeJS, NextJS, and others, as well as Python-based stacks such as Django, Flux with AI/ML support, and core AR or VR frameworks such as ARCore, among others. It also includes legacy technology like Java and PHP, but the emphasis is on current frameworks.
In early 2017, Saugata Singh, a CS Engineering college grad from Bengaluru, was working in multiple internships, freelancing works and also had been consultants in few major MNCs felt that there is still a huge gap in the mid-level & premium-level solution providers in terms of affordability, product designing, scalability & modern technology offerings. The early phase was really tough as there were lots of hurdles that required to be fulfilled to set up a full-fledged IT service provider. And being the only leader, it had been really challenging.

But the light of hope came, when in 2019, Saugata met Sanjay Kumar, his PG flat mate in Mumbai & convinced him with the vision & then quickly onboarded him to the team as the future Interim CTO. Being a veteran in the field of Software development, Sanjay already have been in the industry for around 10+ years & it was his ideologies that modernized the core technologies for the company.

Dezigndia Technologies has grown significantly since then in such a short period of time due to the strong Sales & Marketing team, which is led by the Co-Founder, Saugata Singh, as his expertise lies in Growth Marketing, Product Consultancy, and Business Strategies. Under his guidance, the company has closed a few big mid-level brands in the APAC area, with the majority coming from India and a few others from the Middle East and Europe.

With 4+ years of expertise in the IT Service field, Dezigndia is now poised to take its first exponential leap and achieve a revenue milestone of 10+ million USD by FY 2025, with a forecasted valuation of 25+ million USD. All of this has been accomplished by remaining completely bootstrapped as the Co-Founders believe that it will help them to understand financials and strengthen its core business operations in a better efficient way. Once Dezigndia will reach the milestone, it will make early expenditures to expand globally in the primary regions like the Middle East, Europe & US & launch their SAAS product for different verticals.

Dezigndia Technologies' major strength is in innovative, advanced technology that will remain relevant even decades into the future and is easily scalable and flexible to customize as needed

“As per the new Industry verticals, we have plans to acquire new businesses in the Manufacturing, Real Estate & Travel domains as more digital transformation will open doors for these sectors to grow rapidly post pandemic. We also intend to outsource 100 or more developers to our clients by 2024. By 2025, the company plans to grow into the Western and European markets as well” concludes Saugata.