DhannoCare: Innovative & Organized Vehicle Care Services

Pravesh K Pandey,Founder
Pravesh K Pandey, Founder

Four years back Pravesh K Pandey bought his car and eventually started to look for a professional company to get his car cleaned and pampered. He couldn’t find any. That was the time when he identified the gap that existed in the car service industry despite the potentials that the market had at an early stage. He made up his mind to start a professional service that provides a daily car cleaning service to car owners directly at their doorsteps. It took more than four years to do an in-depth deep market research, analysing of the problem faced by the car owners and design an optimum solution. This marked the beginning of DhannoCare, one of India’s first innovative and organized method delivering daily car cleaning services.

Since November 2017,team DhannoCare started a beta testing with 10 cars and a very advanced mobile app to proof the concepts and they found it being quite demanding and scalable. Pravesh informs,“After 4 months of process and operations optimization, we launched the services in East Delhi’s Vasundhara Enclave Area
in Viswakarma Apartment, Satyam Apartment, Paryatan apartment, Pragatisheel apartment, Soochna apartment and then expanded it to various apartments and Guar City, Noida Extension.”

" DhannoCare wishes to be the leading provider of car cleaning services by creating a positive impact on the quality of life of the car-owners"

A True Vehicle Care Partner
Known to have the best designed solution that ensures fulfilling every car cleaning needs, DhannoCare’s cleaning kits come with Battery Operated pressure washer with controller gun, Vacuum cleaner for interiors, Car wash shampoo, Conditioner, wax, tyre dresser, dashboard conditioner, glass cleaner, brushes, broom and various cloths. The company provides options to pick up the most suited car cleaning packages as per customer’s requirements.

“All our cleaning agents are trained and professionals. With our IOT enabled app, customers get notification of start to end of car cleaning every day. Once the cleaning is done for day, the service guys update the checklist according to chosen packages and upload live pictures which automatically get added to car owners’ calendar and also send notification like car is ready to leave,” he mentions.

Additionally, car owners can write the reviews, request for any additional car service,
accessories, insurance and also they can sell their car or upgrade /exchange their car as well. With a 91.13 percent of retention rate, the company has built and gained trust of the customers. “With lot more positive testimonials over social media and mobile app itself, they are sending many recommendations to add services /product to portfolio so that they can utilize it from a very trust and professional company,” Pravesh asserts.

Reaching the Goal
DhannoCare started with 10 cars in one apartment for beta testing and after 120 days of operation optimization, it expanded to more than 20 apartments in same area. In the fifth month of beta testing, it has expanded its services to Noida, Uttar Pradesh. “Within nine months of our inception, we are in a position to establish franchisees. We are in discussion with few of our franchisee prospects to established franchisees in Mumbai and Gurugram areas,” he adds.

In the years to come, DhannoCare wishes to be the leading provider of car cleaning services by creating a positive impact on the quality of life of the car-owners.“Our aim is to recruit individuals who reflect our values and shares enthusiasm to work as at team towards one common goal – that is to provide the best possible experience for both the customers and the workers.