Dharma Media Consultants: New-Age Media Consultancy Helping Brands Reach their True Potential

Shutapa Paul,FounderEvery brand has a story to tell, and public relations is the best way to communicate that story to consumers and potential investors. Brands, politicians, public figures, NGOs, hospitals, startups, corporates et al use reputation management tools to shape public opinion and position themselves better among stakeholders. This increased demand for public relations is a major factor propelling the growth of the market. Founded in 2016 by Shutapa Paul, Dharma Media Consultants is a boutique brand-building company providing effective, targeted, and well-conceived PR and communications strategies. Over the years, Dharma has revamped communications for various client partners, helping them position their brand with more precise focus and efficiency.

Covid-19 has changed everything and caused paradigm shifts in the industry, and digital PR has taken Centre stage. The norms, routines, and expectations that governed how the industry worked were turned upside down, and every business has had to navigate the new normal. While meeting client expectations and addressing their needs, Dharma has turned every challenge into an opportunity. The use of technology is becoming more relevant to the public relations space as well. After a long career in journalism, Shutapa embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and established Dharma Media Consultants. With a young and agile team, Dharma works with speed, innovation, and proactiveness, providing holistic brand services to clients. Dharma has
grown rapidly under Shutapa’s aegis who has over 16 years of experience in the media space. The team has already worked with 100+ companies, and shaped brand strategies and communications for several early stage startups that have raised successive funding rounds. Dharma also works extensively within the PE-VC ecosystem. “We are experts at creating best-suited communications strategies for startups, helping them showcase their products, vision, and success to consumers and investors, thereby playing a crucial role in their successive funding rounds,” speaks Shutapa Paul, Founder, Dharma Media Consultants.

Dharma has a team of 10 who routinely action media coverage in foreign publications in locations like the US, UAE, UK, and Australia

Tailoring Strategies for Best Brand Positioning
Dharma offers public relations, content creation, social media management, design, communications strategy, brandbuilding, event curation, and digital marketing services. As a boutique brand-building company, it provides hands-on, customized communications strategies to its client partners. It markets and cost-effectively promotes brands through social media and creates affordable, consistent content for businesses. “Our dynamic team works as an extension of the inhouse team and strive s to create long lasting, fruitful relationships with our client partners,” says Shutapa Paul, Founder, Dharma Media Consultants.

Dharma doesn't just push external communications but also strategizes on brand positioning, digital communications, internal communications, and content, providing 360° services that were earlier provided only by large sized PR companies. The unique aspect of Dharma is that it has only worked through referrals to date with its work doing the talking. Due to its pan-India presence, it can cover all Indian geographies and go hyper local with its brand's media presence through regional media outreach in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities. Dharma has a team of 10 who routinely action media coverage in foreign publications in locations like the US, UAE, UK, and Australia.

Dharma is in expansion mode, the Covid-19 pandemic proved the need for PR and became an opportunity for boutique size branding and communications companies, which grew even during the pandemic. This aspect of business will only grow in the coming years, and since it makes for good business, it will also mean the entry of newer players in the space. Dharma is looking to add valuable members to its growing team, increase its presence in other Indian cities, and strengthen its overseas outreach.