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Deepali Bathla,Founder

Deepali Bathla, Founder

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”- Helen Keller once said. This appears to be so true when we look at the tempo in which women entrepreneurs are evolving. Women today are being very up front about their ambitions and objectives, in fact they are shunning all the societal barriers they are making remarkable coups. Such is the story of Deepali Bathla, an experienced bigwig who broke all the stereotypes to establish her self as an influential businesswoman. With the grail to do something of her own this Gujarat based entrepreneur fighting all odds initiated Diena Recruitment Services in 2018. Having worked with multiple organizations in service industry, she gathered a substantial amount
of experience specializing in Service Marketing, Business Development, Recruitment process and customer service. Eventually, she obtained a profound knowledge of the market and its functionality which further encouraged her to initiate a start-up that would bridge the gap between companies and the aspirant candidates. However, the journey of starting a recruitment company and sustaining in the industry was not so easy-breezy. There were hurdles coming on the way however with her strong will power, she confidently confronted all uncertainties to rise and shine.

"Diena extends HR services to various companies to assist them in solving work and employee-related issues "

Global Recruitment Services
Being a laudable recruitment firm, Diena intends to serve clients across multiple industries, keeping manpower in mind. Maintaining a management position of continuous innovation, the company caters to the requirements by providing potential candidates to the firms. It keeps nothing sketchy and ensures an unabridged recruitment process. “We strongly adhere in bestowing end-to-end recruitment provisions by sourcing out talents and
solutions from across the world to keep our clients' requirements contented,” says Deepali.

While maintaining one’s reputation and position in the market is a huge deal, Diena makes sure that it does not fail in conferring what it promises. Every minute detail and activity of the clients are scrutinised well. Deepali states,” If my company is taking responsibility, we make sure to not only complete it but keep a proper track of all the activities of our clients and candidates.”

The Roadmap Ahead
Since its inception, Diena has made remarkable progress. Within couple of months, the numbers have increased on its board and still counting. Thanks to the extended team efforts and a right glide path. Looking at the Global Recruitment Market which is one of the fastest growing market in a need based recruitment space, Deepali has set a target to develop the operations in multiple markets to attract more clients in both International and Domestic domains. Diena is an inspiration to many who aspire to do something out of the box. “Each one should believe and fulfil one’s dream not succumbing to external pressures,” she concludes.