Digifortex Technologies: Shielding Tech-Savvy Businesses With One-Of-A-Kind Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Solutions

 Vijay Kumar,   Founder

Vijay Kumar


With businesses increasingly embracing digital breakthroughs, virtual and automated platforms have become pivotal. However, with each stride forward, humans expose themselves to the perils of cyber threats. In a world where everything is connected, cybersecurity is the critical shield against the endless barrage of digital dangers. In this era, safeguarding digital and physical lives is not an option, but a necessity. DIGIFORTEX TECHNOLOGIES is a cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting against digital threats and helping entities navigate the dangers of the digital realm. Based out of Bengaluru and the US, DIGIFORTEX takes a distinctive approach towards Penetration Testing and Red Teaming that sets them apart from the pack. As the name itself implies, the company has been a reliable cyber security partner in strengthening businesses' fight against multilayered and multistaged cyber attacks.

Widely acknowledged for its distinctive solutions, DIGIFORTEX was founded by Vijay Kumar an award-winning innovator in 2021. “After my life in corporate, Security came as a natural choice given my roots, depth, breadth, experience, certification, and patents in this space. Additionally, COVID brought opportunities to be a good guy amidst the bad ones”, reminisces Vijay Kumar, Founder, DIGIFORTEX TECHNOLOGIES. Explaining about his team of 20 best minds, he adds, “As part of APAC’s first SOC in 2001 and as an early member at MCAFEE India, we were instrumental in starting flagship security teams post Israeli and Canadian acquisitions across Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Cryptography product lines”. The company is also powered by an elite advisory board consisting of successful entrepreneurs and respected industry visionaries.
Kumar firmly believes that proactive risk management, audits, red teaming, phishing tabletops, and awareness will enhance security, privacy, and compliance postures. Driven by the threat intel, the solutions of DIGIFORTEX support automated Penetration Testing, White Box Testing, and Red Teaming, which simulate real-time attacks and proactively identify malicious motives.

Standing as a testament to its excellence, the company’s clients range from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies with global footprints

Unlike other vendors, the firm’s arsenal of tactics is both comprehensive and cutting-edge, encompassing everything from privilege escalation, unauthorized access, bypassing multifactor authentication, firewalls, dependencies, UI, design, implementation, and other offensive/defensive security measures to industry specialized solutions for driverless cars and drone security. Besides, the myriad of flagship services also includes GRC, v-CISO, 24/7 Managed cloud security, and advanced technical support.

“We leverage automation, which makes us efficient and deliver more in less time”, Vijay adds. Standing as a testament to its excellence, the company’s clients range from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies with global footprints.

To reduce SMEs’ expenditure, the company backs its customers by becoming their extended team. This helps customers focus on their core competency while DIGIFORTEX alleviates their complications such as inadequate cloud strategy, architecture, secure interfaces (UI/ API), encryption, accesses, and compliances.

With an accomplished team that boasts of a successful track record of assisting European OTT companies with advanced tech support, DIGIFORTEX brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

In the upcoming months, DIGIFORTEX has its sights set on revolutionizing the security industry with an advanced Security Operation Center. Although a startup, DIGIFORTEX has already bagged many recognitions. One of them is inventing three cyber security patents across 170 countries. “On more than 3 occasions, our VA/PT & cloud security assessments findings have surpassed those of the Big 4 in both severity and bug counts”, proudly claims Vijay. The team has also been invited to IIMs, Thought Leaders’ Summits, and OpEd Contributions on Data Security across India, UAE, and Europe. In March 2023, the venture hit a new milestone as the Government of Karnataka recognized it as an emerging cyber security player - an award bestowed by Aravind Limbavali, respected MLA from Mahadevapura constituency.