DigiM: A True Digital Partner!

M Prashant,  Principal

M Prashant


Digital innovations are creating opportunities quicker and quicker every day. And businesses in every industry need to utilize technological advances to not only stay competitive but to survive. In today’s business world digital marketing touches all industries, from the retail industry to the education sector. However, there is a huge gap between digital marketing standards in the SME sector to that of the corporate segment. Most of the SMEs suffer from the problems of being a local brand while paying the costs of corporates and MNCs. This is where Digital Marketing becomes a boon to the SME sector. Small and Medium Businesses can explore marketing and compete with their peers more cost-effectively reaching the right target audience while not being lost in the clutter. Understanding this DigiM that started as a start-up in Bangalore focused to serve SMEs rather than MNCs and mainstream brands. After getting hold of some clientele and evaluating the long term benefits of having a presence in the less open markets of South Central India Team DigiM decided to set up the development base in Visakhapatnam with sales offices across India.

As a full-fledged performance marketing & digital strategy agency with offerings across search, social and development gamuts, DigiM’s expertise lies in exposing each client’s products and services to the right target audience at the right time on the right device. Some of its core offerings include Search Engine Marketing(PPC) &
Optimisation, Social Media Marketing & Optimisation, Content Creation, Curation & Distribution, Ad film conceptualisation direction & distribution, Digital Strategy & Consulting, Print & Digital Designing backed by Marketing & Strategy CRM & Systems set up for a fully functional digital strategy. The company focuses on the healthcare, education & lifestyle sectors primarily along with having dedicated vertical heads for the same.

DigiM has served more than 70 projects predominantly in the healthcare and education sector with a presence in five states in India and the USA

The Journey
DigiM came into being when a bunch of marketing idealists united to create value for local brands and empower SMEs with world-class marketing services. The team constituted of MBAs from top B-Schools of India trained in branding, marketing & communications with knowledge of marketing campaigns from around the world. The team started working out of their respective colleges by getting hold of few clients and applying the strategies they have learned over many workshops and experiments. Clients loved their work from the start and they have a client retention rate of 75 percent, speaking for the results and client satisfaction. Things eventually fell into place after that. “We achieved our first milestone by enabling a healthcare client to achieve one million-dollar revenue within the first year of incorporation. We worked with an education sector client on complete digital transformation which led to an occupancy growth of 14 per cent over last year’s metrics whereas their peers saw a decreasing trend. Our strategy and processes ensure that we are operating in the right direction to the client’s success,” says one of the core members of the founding team.

The Success Saga
From an INR 1 lakh per month startup operating out of a flat to a projected INR 5 Crores per year based out of a 2500 Sq. Ft. commercial space,DigiM has grown at a steady pace while stabilising its ground in the SME sector. It has been serving 70+ projects predominantly in the healthcare and education sector with a presence in five states in India and the USA. The company further intends to partner with international agencies and collaborate on projects in the overseas SME sector. “We are spreading to two more cities in India within the first quarter of 2020 along with assuming a revenue growth of 12 per cent. We are currently in prospect identification & qualification phase following which we will be pitching our 360-digital analysis & solutions to qualifying prospects, we are excited to create many more digital brands out of these prospects” he concludes.