Digital Core Technologies: At the Apex of High Tech Innovation

Thomas S,Founder

Thomas S, Founder

It takes time to grow in business. Especially, if the business is of technology. Because, not only does a provider of technology has to address the prevailing needs of the industry but also has to take care of the fact that next time, something better has to be done. Digital Core Technologies was created with the sole objective to contribute to making India one of the top destinations for the design of High Tech electronic products meant for the global market. “Our unique design methodology and unique competency development methodology ensures that the products we develop and the professionals we train are one of the best in the industry globally”, says Thomas S, Founder, Digital Core Technologies.

The Well Addressed Challenges
In the Embedded System space that Digital Core Technologies operates in, the cost optimization of the developments with a minimal development cycle time along with the quality of their performances
are the major considerations. The designs of products that are open to iterative developments are also one of the emerging needs of the customers and most importantly, the designs must have the capability to survive obsolescence to a considerable extent. Thomas states, “A holistic approach is taken at a system level to meet the need of the product for the market that is translated into the most optimal solution. Intense focus and methodology used during the design phase ensure that the designs are ‘First Time Right’ and with least defects when the design is implemented.”

"Digital Core grew from USD 0.2 Mn during the financial year of 2015-16 to USD 2.0 Mn in 2018-19"

The Impact Created
Digital Core Technologies acts as a reliable complementary partner to small, medium and large scale companies from the electronic product industry in ensuring the success of the developed products. The company has the needed agility to design & redesign phrases of a product development life cycle which possesses the flexibility to complement the design produced by the customer and the collaborative capability for working in multi-party engagements for huge scale development of products. Emerging as a services organisation, its solutions are always according to the customer specifications.The expertise and
experience of the Digital Core team ensure that no stone is unturned in addressing the specifications of the product, its design and its implementation. “We ensure that we look at the product from the usability in the hands of the customers’ and design accordingly. Thus, it is a win-win situation for us and our customers”, asserts Thomas.

Growth & the Road Ahead
Having its operations started with a team of only 9 people in December 2014, the company now functions with a team of 53. Most of the engineers at Digital Core have been recruited from the colleges in Kerala through a well-proven selection method. The company wants to further increase the team during the first half of 2019. In terms of revenue, the growth has been promising. The company grew from USD 0.2 Mn during the financial year of 2015-16 to USD 1.2 Mn in 2017-18 and USD 2.0 Mn in 2018-19. The clientele of the Digital Core Technologies is spread across USA, India and Europe and new client engagements in Spain, UK and Germany are taking place during this fiscal year. Expressing the road ahead for the company, Thomas concludes, “We have a moderate growth plan in terms of revenue and manpower. We wish to shift to more Value growth than Volume growth and have charted out our plans accordingly. Continue as a trusted (design) partner of for our clients with Sustained good profitability is the key component of the growth plan.”