Digital Jocket: Handling Businesses Responsibly

Azhar Hussain, Founder & Director

Azhar Hussain

Founder & Director

Developing an impressive image in the market can be a Herculean task for every organization. To reach out to the targeted audience, to convey the right message, wheedle them and inflate the overall business stipulates a well executed plan of action. Over and above that maintaining a good rapport with the customers is yet another important responsibility and keeping tabs on these business like arrangements does require extreme heedfulness which businesses often act up to maintain. Still and all, there are several companies who have stepped to execute all the sales and marketing related onus on behalf of concerned organizations. In the nature of this walk of life, Digital Jockey monitors cold calling and digital marketing activities of a number of companies.

Brought into being by an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Azhar Hussain, the company is striding towards purveying brand awareness and developing a monumental and breath taking mage in the market. It avails the power of social media and content marketing to assists these brands pave their way into the lives of their singled out customers. Its strong suits are Lead Generation, SEO & Website services, Marketing Technology and Content Marketing. The other side of its forte talks about its excellence in pulling the strings in matters related to Appointment setting, Inbound Lead FollowUp, Lead Research & Data Cleansing, Sales Technology and others. These services are further carved up into different categories considering the on the genre of the offerings. “Digital Jockey covers a gamut of services
ranging from Calling services to MultiChannel Integrated Marketing. We carry out customised research to pin down the sales target, create brand image and concoct end-to-end solutions,” says Azhar Hussain, Founder & Director.

Digital Jockey holds the record of dialling more than 4 lakhs dials, delivering 500000 + of an average monthly impression and organizing above 2500+ successful meetings

When did it all Start?
The genesis of the company took place when Azhar Hussain perceived pragmatic opportunity in the cold calling and sales closing domains. Contemplating his ideas, experience and knowledge Azhar settled on the plan of establishing his own business. With the support of young and adroit team, he triggered off the journey of Digital Jockey. The company has been conferring its services specifically to startups and the businesses that bend over backwards to create a benchmark in the industry. To match its pace with the ever changing demands and trends of the market it reequips itself with the latest facts and figures. This enables it to enhance its services and overall impact. Throwing light on which he comments, “Our target audiences have always been those businesses who find difficulty in establishing themselves. We create and orchestrate marketing and sales strategies along with managing their cold callings. We strategies our activities in the same mannerism in which the market behaves.”

The company has observed a positive growth in every aspect. At the current time it holds the record of dialling more than 4 lakhs dials, delivering 500000+ of an average monthly impression and organizing above 2500+ successful meetings. “Till date we have served 210+ Indian and global clients and conducted more than 4 lakhs dial and have generated 6k appointments,” he says.

In the near future Digital Jockey aspires to augment its teams and services and serve its clients in the best way possible. “We are focussing on serving our clients more better what we have been doing and generate striking revenue as well,”he concludes.