Digital Vaastu: Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

Pavithra Ratnakar,Founder The world of marketing has changed. It’s not a matter of predicting where marketing is heading. We’re living it, right here, right now. Over the last few decades, digital marketing has become a staple of any business model and is essential to any business hoping to reach a wider audience, whether it’s through their website, social media, or digital advertisements. Working with a digital marketing agency can increase a business’ visibility on the web and help companies connect with their customers much easier. Such agencies have the means to take over businesses’ marketing from top to bottom. Bangalore-based Digital Vaastu, a boutique digital marketing agency, ideally fits the picture.

The company delivers best in class Brand Management Solutions for segments like Government, Corporate, Small & Medium businesses, Education Institutions, Sports Academies, Startups, Art houses, Museums, Personal Branding, Travel & Hospitality, Non-Profit Organisations and more. It provides complete digital marketing agency services that include website design and development, social media marketing and online marketing (email marketing, SEM, content marketing, amongst others.

“An important and big part of digital marketing is content creation and we have a production team consisting of graphic designers, content writers, copywriters, proof readers, photo and video production and
editing team, web design and development team and importantly - brand and marketing strategists,” says Pavithra Ratnakar, Founder, Digital Vaastu.

Digital Vaastu is a one-stop solution for online branding and digital marketing requirements. This is beneficial for clients since they don’t have to work with multiple teams and there is usually a single contact allocated for each project. “Our business model helps clients save on time and efforts, it creates more efficient communication between teams and our understanding of the brand keeps getting better as we handle all aspects of branding and marketing,” she mentions.

The Inception Story
The story behind Digital Vaastu is one of sheer interest and passion. Pavithra as a tech enthusiast was always interested in business development. As time passed by, she decided to start something on her own. In 2014, she did some research on emerging business sectors and digital marketing was forecasted to be a top sector to be in.

“I had no doubt that with my experience in business development and telecom technologies; digital marketing was the domain for my new venture,” explicates Pavithra. This marked the beginning of Digital Vaastu. Pavithra, initially worked with small companies and built her reputation gradually. She actively attended networking events and built a professional network. The first two years were challenging and required a lot of hard work and dedication. Eventually, she started building a client list which included government organizations, tech start-ups, non-profits and also started to be recognised as an industry expert. She has been invited to speak at the European Parliament, Belgium, and at TiE conferences and in management colleges.

The Growth
Over the years, the company has successfully handled election campaigns for politicians, fundraising for non-profits, complete branding for tech start-ups, event marketing for the central government, online reputation management for hotels and resorts. Digital Vaastu now has clients in Bangalore, Mysore and London. To take the business to the next level, geographically, it has expanded to the UK. “We have also expanded our services and now offer re-branding and audit services which are a niche area that not many competitors are able to offer and require certain expertise,” she adds.

“I have recently completed a course ‘Digital communications for cultural projects’ from Node centre, Berlin. With this, I want Digital Vaastu to provide digital media services to museums, art galleries, cultural centres,” she concludes.