Dil Se Will: A Platform for Succession Planning & Making Your Will Online

Namita Lakhotia & Raj Kumar Lakhotia,  Co-Founders & DirectorFor many Indians, making a Will is considered suitable only for the affluent class and not for the masses. A Will or Succession Planning must be a part of the wealth management while a person is alive, as soon as they have some savings/assets and dependants. It is the last but the most important leg of financial planning for both the family and the business. However, the knowledge of how to make a Will or when to make it or the rule of the land/religion for succession is not known to many. Namita Lakhotia and her husband Raj Lakhotia were surprised to get astounding research results for the same.

They spoke to at least 100-150 small and medium business owners and what they found was a mere 10-15 percent of the participants knew about succession planning. To their surprise many thought that once they pass on, their wife would inherit everything automatically. In addition, only a handful had a record of all the assets and liabilities they had in one place for their family's convenience. The duo alongside running their established Chartered Accountancy firm LABH & Associates in Kolkata took up the task of creating awareness and simplifying Will making as a socio-economic project and founded Dil Se Will.

Dil Se Will is a web portal under parent company Chessy Group aimed to simplify Will making for the masses. "We realized that for the masses we need something they can access on their own, at their own convenient
time, as and from where they want alongside with it being affordable and legal", says Namita Lakhotia, Director, Chessy Group. 'We realized we need to introduce technology to simplify the process and amplify the habit of having a succession plan in India”.The duo pooled their own money and established the Dil Se Will portal, where anyone can log in, register, fill in basic details, pay a one time fee and get their Will made. To add to this, Namita and Raj Lakhotia added a human touch of making every will unique and customized by additionally giving a consultancy from the legal team complimentary in the same fee.

Dil Se Will is a web portal under parent company Chessy Group aimed to simplify Will making for the masses

Making a Will or succession planning involves much legalities that is confusing for a lay person. However, when a user logs in on Dil Se Will, at each step, they can avail services of experts to guide them through the process. The user is supported at every step by their technical as well as legal team. Once the user fills up the entire form, lists all the movable and immovable assets and liabilities, and submits it, the legal team will review and create a draft Will that can be viewed on the dashboard. In case of any changes, the person can suggest them over the dashboard, which the legal team will take up for review. The team will rectify the Will keeping in mind all legalities and share a new version of the draft for approval by the user. If everything is okay, they can download the draft and sign the will along with attaching other documents like the doctor's certificate.

Namita Lakhotia, Director & Co-Founder

The Lakhotia duo has been creating awareness about Will and succession planning through several seminars and webinars with Corporate houses, professional forums, organizational forums, events and more. They have also introduced succession planning, estate planning, and business succession into the platform, where they offer one-to-one consultancy and services. The market is still nascent, but the Lakhotia duo is making long strides in getting Indians ready to include Will and succession planning as a part of each Indian's Financial Planning and Wealth Management plan.