DIP Design: A Multidisciplinary Studio thriving on People-focused Business Objectives

Brijesh J. Panchal,OwnerToday, construction industry is like the quintessence of our creativity and culture. In the fast modernizing world, the creative instincts are changing but the opportunities to explore are less. In this scenario, Brijesh J. Panchal looked for a fix and founded DIP (Design, Infrastructure, and Planning) Design Studio to stop limiting the competency of designers and architects, while granting the clients with creative inspiration and a blissful experience. He always believes that 'Innovation and quality in a service or product are not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.' Therefore, with deeply rooted passion, he along with his team focuses on Customer Delights rather than Satisfaction.

DIP has curated a well qualified team of young professionals dedicated to various subjects providing innovative, futuristic, unconventional, and conventional solutions in the fields of Architecture, Structural Design, Interior Design, Urban/Rural Planning, BIM/GIS works, and Project Management. The ultimate aim of DIP is to be a State-of-the-art service provider offering novel technological solutions of superior quality.

The studio has the inhouse expertise
to provide services for all phases of the civil solutions, starting from conceptual planning to building processes for small, medium or large scale projects involving Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors. It has raised the bar by offering unique tailor made designs and quality excellence with promising results devotedly within timelines using the best technologies.

With the goal of foraying into urban planning, transportation, engineering, and more, DIP is intensively working towards R&D and technologies

Since its inception, DIP has been committed to delivering unique and highly functional designs that give enduring delight. The company is driven by the principles of originality, creativity, and enthusiasm. It has carved a niche in the market by creating elegant, intelligent, and dynamic interiors infused with passion and creativity. “We aim to provide personalized interior designs to our clients that go beyond their imagination. We picture trendy yet purposeful designs which not only reflect our client's preferences but also enrich their spaces” Brijesh mentions.

Marching Forward in Togetherness
The company has successfully built an organizational culture that fosters employee growth by radiating a supportive, secure vibe and immense scope to learn& grow. At DIP, individuals are allowed to explore and bring new ideas to the table & implement them. The flexible and supportive environment provides its employees the leeway to think and work in their way. The best part is that managers & peers do their best to help them succeed in their endeavors. Additionally, an opportunity to build, develop and evangelize creative designs matching global standards! "We want a firm where everyone enjoys work with trust and friendly relationships. All of these make them fulfilled and satisfied, and we are ensuring that this happiness coexists at DIP. Unlike typical firms with a serious environment, we have young and enthusiastic people with a lot of creative opportunities," he says.

The diverse approaches have empowered the company to grow exponentially. It has comprehended onward progress in terms of clients and consistent growth.