Discretemicros: Bringing One's Idea Into Reality With Technology

Sharda Singh,Founder & CEO

Sharda Singh

Founder & CEO

To save time and avoid mistakes, businesses must remain on top of the major trends in software testing. In addition to ensuring high end-user satisfaction and supporting the team's overall delivery, QA's goals include finding software bugs before they are released. The World Quality Report for 2021– 2022 states that the QA function must promote corporate expansion and better results. The survey also highlights that company executives now place greater importance on QA than ever. QA is less of an afterthought because it helps shift left, speeds up project delivery, and improves project quality.

Founded in 2017, Discretemicros deliver creative and straightforward solutions for software testing. They build better outsourcing services for QA to make the software development process easy to implement and execute. "We work on a robust outsourcing model to leverage the talents available at multiple locations across continents.

This helps make our partners grow faster in collaborative and time-saving ways. In our engineering group, we have professionals with more than 15 years of experience in functional plus versatile technical expertise in automation, and this is our team behind the mantra of our success and our partners' success", explained Sharda Singh, Founder & CEO, Discretemicros.

Services & Solutions to Transform Core Capabilities
People with 10+ years of experience working as SMEs in the fields of banking, healthcare, salesforce, cloud collaborations, and telephony are available at Discretemicros. Clients benefit from their project strategy and execution in meeting their milestones on schedule. Every time something is developed, quality assurance work needs to be done, and Discretemicros is here to assist. Whether through automation or manual testing, the goal is always to deliver on schedule.

They have a qualified team that can handle the mentioned areas using tools like Selenium, Cyprus, API, Java, Python, PHP, and more. They have worked on tools including Jira, Zephyr Scale, Bugzilla, Jama, Rally, and Mantis, among others. Agile is in demand now, and Discretemicros succeeds with the projects thanks to it. Currently, they also have a hosting environment ready for their clients, which can easily publish the content.

Furthermore, Sharda elaborated on services, "There is a lot to say about these technologies, but to put it briefly, manual testing generally entails testing the software while keeping an open mind. It also entails thinking through the software's requirements. Every time we use a tool for it, it transforms into an automation test. Automation requires certain talents, such as tool and language familiarity. Secondly, mobile testing is a method of manual or automated testing on a real device. Eighty percent of consumers utilize a mobile device, which is rising daily".

We work on a robust outsourcing model to leverage the talents available at multiple locations across continents

Discretemicros strongly emphasizes on-time delivery while assisting their partners in cost management at the best possible scale. Of course, deliverable quality is paramount at all costs. Long-term contracts, devoted staff, and on-demand services are used in their work (pay-as-you-go services or fixed-budget projects). They are delighted to help clients choose the kind of service that best fits their production model.

Hence, with such efficient services, the firm's next step toward implementing automation is artificial intelligence. This way, their clients can leverage the tools and technologies more at the same time saving their costs and improving the ROI of the product. And that's why, by 2024, with the help of AI, the firm seeks to achieve 20 percent growth in its revenue. Discretemicros wish to assist their clients in meeting their milestones on schedule by helping them with project planning and implementation procedures.