Docthub: An aggregation platform that focuses on upskilling and uplifting the lives of healthcare professionals

Dr. Sandip Patel ,  Founder & CEO

Dr. Sandip Patel

Founder & CEO

The changes taking place in the world are having a direct impact on the medical industry. The 21st century has the most advanced medical technology compared to any of the previous centuries. Healthcare is a very vast sector and there are an endless number of sub entities associated with it. While the world is pushing boundaries to elevate the standard of healthcare facilities, an Ahmedabad-based private firm named Docthub, is pushing boundaries by ensuring every individual associated with this sector can live up to its full potential.

Docthub aims to connect people who belong to the spectrum of the healthcare field regard less of their sub entities, be it a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, Lab admin, or any other role that falls under the healthcare umbrella. It assists every individual by delivering a suite of solutions that helps them at different stages of their healthcare professional journey, from entering into this field to upgrading it timely, in their day-to-day operations. Docthub aims to serve as a stepping stone for both amateurs and professionals in healthcare industry, allowing them to grow into global and compassionate individuals.

Technological determinism plays a pivotal role in the development of society. In the last

decade, technology has eased many efforts of the people and enhanced productivity. With this advancement, the healthcare sector is all set to imbibe new technologies in its operations. Speaking more on this the founder of the company Dr. Sandip Patel says,

“Docthub minimizes, or in some cases completely eliminates the efforts of every individual associated with the healthcare sector by easing up the entire process, a student can find details of healthcare courses and apply directly, a Job seeker can look for jobs and filter jobs suitable jobs, a practicing professional can register online for health conference or event. There is something for everyone!”

Docthub focuses on providing a comprehensive suite of services that helps healthcare students and individuals on every step of their professional journey

One single app for every healthcare professional
The world is moving towards advancement, but still, when it comes to particular factors of healthcare such as getting the right counselling or finding a job, we are following the same route that we were doing 5-10 years ago, there has not been much improvement. And because of this fact, Docthub is jumping into a niche category to help both the users and the enterprises. Since the firm is started by a doctor, the actions and decisions are more specific & result oriented.

From just talent acquisition for B2B and career counselling for B2C, to covering every area of healthcare, the journey of Docthub has been full of learnings and experimenting with new technology at every stage.

As a result of the hard work and commitment of the team, Docthub is doing exceptionally well in the B2B domain where all the healthcare organizations, associations, colleges/institutes, hospitals, and more, can connect with their target audience, and expand their user base. To add cherry on the cake, the company has come up with its unique mobile app that provides cumulative information on all the services at one-stop. With this solid achievement and background, Docthub is looking forward to continuing its work towards easing the hassle faced by healthcare professionals.