Docuses Healthcare: Making Healthcare Accessible & Affordable for the Indian Diaspora through Organized Procurement Solutions

Subir Batra,Co-Founder

Subir Batra


With the Indian government making infrastructure a priority for overall economic development, healthcare is one such sector that's projected to witness a significant growth as a result of the initiatives. Moreover, increased investment in the healthcare industry in recent years for semi-urban and rural areas has immensely helped in leveling the urban-rural healthcare divide in the country. However, access to affordable healthcare and medical facilities is still a farfetched dream for the general public, especially across remote India.

With primary motivation to contribute in some way towards making healthcare in India more affordable and more accessible to patients, Co-Founders, Subir Batra and Debasis Chakrabarti established Docuses Healthcare - a procurement-focused organization offering medical product supplies to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare distributors, both directly and through our network of partners across the country.

Shedding light on how the dynamic duo is working towards filling the gaps in the healthcare sector with their venture Docuses, Subir says, "Me and my co-founder, Debasis Chakrabarti, have been in the healthcare industry for over 10 years, running successful healthcare product companies. What we
realized was that the distribution side of the business was to a large extent broken, and significantly increased the final costs of the product to the hospital, and hence to the patient. This is where we sensed an opportunity to make a difference in the industry by creating a trusted layer between the manufacturers and hospitals. Therefore with Docuses Healthcare we aim to build an offering revolving around three primary USPs - guaranteed quality, timely deliveries and price transparency at all levels”.

Building Trust Through Quality-centric Products & Services
Being one of the leading medical product supplies providers in the market, Docuses offers a number of services including procurement, product selection, price benchmarking, purchase audit, smart and sourcing and inventory management to their clients. As mentioned by Debasis, one of the co-founders, Docuses Healthcare is on a novel mission to bridge the gap in product procurement and management costs between small hospitals and the bigger hospitals chains. Therefore, to address the price parity issue in the current healthcare market, the firm has designed an array of innovative value-added services in addition to their primary offerings especially for small and mid-sized hospitals.

One such future-ready offering in the pipeline from Docuses is their proprietary inventory-on-cloud platform, allowing multi-location hospital chains to maintain, track, and monitor medical inventory through a shared cloud based software. Developed to make supply chain more efficient for hospitals and reduce direct purchase costs, Docuses' cloud-based inventory management software will help clients effectively predict demand and supply for medical supplies in-time and avoid overspending on inventory.

Journey Ahead
In a short span of mere two years, Docuses has grown from a vision and concept in 2020 to a fast growing, successful startup today. Although the firm went through some tough times during the Covid period, the future looks very promising for Docuses.

Shedding light on how Docuses is focused on harnessing the power of cutting-edge tech to grow the firm, Subir mentions, "We have just started, and there is a huge opportunity that is there to be tapped. For now, we are focused on strengthening our ability to execute on our existing solutions. A lot of that will come from the processes that we are developing, but technology will play a big role in the next phase of our growth. We are working on various technology-based solutions to complement what we have today".