DoubleClap: Building Brands

Rohan Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Creative Head & Rajiv Ranjan Co-Founder & Design Lead,ZulfikarKapadia, Co-Founder & Business DevRohan Mukherjee (Co-Founder & Creative Head)and Rajiv Ranjan(Co-Founder & Design Lead) of DoubleClap, always believed that ‘If creativity can create value for someone, then that pretty much is all the difference you need to give your brand a competitive edge. It’s that simple. ‘When the duo was still holding on to their jobs in their respective design studio and ad agency, they started DoubleClap in 2018 in the spirit. Having worked together on varied projects while at Animal, they found it easy to collaborate. When someone from Melbourne reached out to them seeking help monthly, clients that he handled in Australia and New Zealand, the duo jumped at the prospect of doing cool work without having to go to an actual physical office. Zulfikar Kapadia(Co-Founder)joined DoubleClap within three months of its inception to help the duo with generating leads and taking up new projects in Mumbai as well. The idea of these young minds was to have a network of creatives working together on projects not limited by geographical location/physical boundaries. “We are lucky to have entered the creative workforce when the internet is a basic right. Sure, there are challenges to not having a physical office with a team within arm’s reach. But - exploring creatives on Behance and Instagram allows young agencies like us to keep up with the game, and learn from similar hustlers in the field,” says Rohan.

DoubleClap offers services ranging from helping clients with creating unique brand identities that appeal to their customer’s sensibilities and has a tangible addition to a brand’s existing appeal. It further overflows into helping with packaging, print, and digital collaterals. The monthly retainers are heavily based on graphic and web designs, motion graphics along with social media content and strategy at various budget levels. Being in charge of client’s social media pages, conceptualizing, and running campaigns to push a particular narrative, it’s tough for DoubleClap to put its services into compact words because the company has created memes for a leading political party in Delhi, to writing and producing a rap video for a client’s internal presentation. It is also actively collaborating with digital and content agencies in Singapore, Melbourne and Orlando who need dedicated creative support for their clients.

DoubleClap offers services ranging from helping clients with creating unique brand identities that appeal to their customer’s sensibilities, and adds to their brand’s value

Carving a Niche
For a young studio, the challenges are manifold. DoubleClap likes to play within the intangible area between the kind of work it wants to do and the kind of work it ends up getting. But as businesses, it’s easier to get hold of creative talent for the brand for every level of budget. Starting from websites that generate a decent logo for free to freelancers and Fiverr folks with competitive prices, there's no dearth of creative resources. DoubleClap tries to be a one stop solution without compromising on the ease of working with freelancers. The agility of turnover, comfortable pricing, hands-on approach to the brand building are neatly packaged with stellar customer service ensure that clients stay ahead of the curve. “As a brand, if you add value to your customer’s life if your content is relevant, then they’ll come back. If you can’t educate, then entertain. Failing which, you simply engage,”he asserts.

DoubleClap has a small team of designers, copywriters, illustrators, and animators with constant support from its trusted network of web developers and digital marketers to help out when a project demands it. The creative and sales team sits in Mumbai. With other talent and creative support placed in Delhi, Pune, Philippines and Karachi, DoubleClap works remotely with creative collaborations as when and a particular client/project demands that.