DriveBuddy AI: Leveraging Technology For Fleets & Logistics Management

 Nisarg Pandya ,      CEOThe Ecommerce market in India is at a booming stage and this has given a substantial nudge to the logistics industry. Now, everything can be delivered to the doorstep from Food to Fuel! This demands technology in the vehicles that can be our midnight saviors for realtime tracking and assistance on the way. drivebuddyAI is one of the very few Indian companies to build AI-enabled dashcam ADAS as an after market product starting from 2018.

Internationally, the companies have AI-enabled autonomous vehicles that provide all the relevant features. India is a complex traffic ecosystem and to achieve autonomy in India, one will have to learn “How to Drive?” on Indian roads. To do that the journey has to start with camera devices which can be used as assistive technology for making vehicles safer.

AI Nervous System for Vehicles
“We are trying to build an AI nervous system, augmenting human decision-making capabilities for anything in mobility,” says Nisarg Pandya. There are three major aspects Fleet Management, Insurance Underwriting & Autonomous Driving, and drivebuddyAI has dedicated itself to solving them by providing voice instructions to the drivers in real time. This will help mitigate risks as the highrisk events are flashed on the cloud platform for monitoring. The technology helps the companies to understand the driver’s behavior and pattern and also towards risk assessment in the process. This also helps understand the time frames and on-road situation of the delivery
process. Commercial vehicle and insurance companies also benefit largely from AI-driven vehicles as it provides a detailed risk assessment.

The extended version of dual camera ADAS product is 6 camera ADAS to provide safety with surveillance. The patented camera device is designed with two cameras placed to monitor road and driver’s activities using a single device having GPU, CPU, 4G & GPS onboard provides compute power on Edge and telematics functionality The cloud data is in sync with the driver’s information including face recognition. This will help in the evaluation of the driver’s performance and pattern and also correct it.

The future of transportation will be driven by OEMs adopting to safety based features and ADAS towards L2,L3 level of autonomy

Efficient Use of Data for Product Development
drivebuddyAI has been the market enabler for adopting AI camera devices in logistics industry. As more and more companies realize the importance of AI assistance and the Logistics sector invests more into driver safety, there will be a wide scope for the technology, especially in the strengthening ADAS market. From starting with a prototype and receiving funding for its projects, drivebuddyAI has achieved much in a short span. In 2020, it started product development and launched its products in the first year itself.

The roadmap for the immediate year for drivebuddyAI is to achieve 5K deployments including a few global expeditions with more than 10L KMs of data a day with ever-evolving AI to generalize on Indian roads & driving conditions. In the next one to three years, it plans to expand internationally in countries like the US, Japan, South-east Asia, South Africa, Mexico.

drivebuddyAI is one of the largest data holder in the country with more than 10L KMs of video data of major highways with driver behavior and patterns. To achieve Autonomy drivebuddyAI has enabled itself with OEM integration to take on the journey from ADAS to Autonomy with technology integrations.