DriverShaab: On-Demand Driver Aggregation Platform and Last-Mile Delivery Platform

Anamika Tyagi CFO,  Daisy Saikia, Vice President ,   Pavan Verma, Chief Technology Officer

Anamika Tyagi CFO, Daisy Saikia, Vice President

Pavan Verma, Chief Technology Officer

The demand for drivers-on-hire, for personal drivers as well as for commercial transport, is gaining momentum in India, especially in urban cities like Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. This has enabled entrepreneurs to solve the demand using technology. The major use case for technology in this segment is the driver aggregation platform and last-mile delivery. DriverShaab is one such on-demand service provider.

A Software as a Service based driver, fleet and last mile aggregation platform, DriverShaab enables fleet managers to stay on top of onground operations. It provides software for fleet managers to communicate effectively with customers. The software helps track the entire logistical movement in one dashboard.

Daisy Saikia, Vice President
For fleet managers, the app offers Predictive alerts that enable them to plan effectively. And their fleets can be tracked live on the app that keeps them fully informed about the on-

ground operations. For end customers, the app offers accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), so they know when to expect the delivery. For logistics operations, DriverShaab provides a Hub and Spoke model which is targeted to bring greater visibility of the operations and the tech behind it enabling logistic managers to plan effectively in advance to avoid any forth coming problems.

Drivers can use the app to connect with FMCG companies for last-mile delivery and charge a commission for each trip. Fleet owners and Delivery companies can tale the software on a monthly subscription. Businesses can build a driver aggregation service on top of the technology provided by DriverShaab.

One of the problems that DriverShaab is solving is faced by the founder, Avijit Das, personally. While learning to drive, Avijit went on to drive around his locality for the first time without the trainer. And a mistake of his triggered a fire in the car. Though he managed to escape in time, he realised how important it is that drivers are trained professionals. Being from Kolkata, he decided to start an on-demand drivers for hire platform in the city. The company has now expanded to twenty two cities across the country with more than forty clients.

Pavan Verma Chief, Technology Officer

The Indian transport sector is worth $200 billion that is spending $10 billion of technology every year, we want to capture 7.5% of the tech part,” says Avijit Das. He has a bachelor’s in Information Technology and handles sales, marketing and execution at DriverShaab. Pavan Verma, who is Chief Technology Officer and Daisy Saikia, who is Vice President, Human Resources department & Operations, are also part of the leadership team at the company. Pavan Verma is an MBA graduate from Delhi University and Daisy has done her MBA from SMU. Anamika Tyagi, MBA Finance from UPTU currently takes charge of finance as CFO.

Going forward, Das wants DriverShaab to be the number one on-demand chauffeur aggregator in India. To achieve this, they are onboarding verified and driving test certified drivers. And with the help of tech, the company also wants to reduce logistics and shipping costs for their clients and automate the processes that are complex to perform.