DroptheQ: Offering an Unmatched Blend of Online Convenience

Swati Agarwal,   Founder & COO

Swati Agarwal

Founder & COO

Growth in the convenience sector is partly the result of the changes in consumers’ lifestyles, and as a result, capturing this growth requires an innovative and responsive approach from operators. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes in the use of technology for retail stores and has taught many lessons and nudged retail to increase its tech reliability. Retailers can manage day-to-day business more efficiently and improve profit margins with the right technology. Established in 2019, DroptheQ is a retail convenience tech startup that revolves around eliminating the physical queues from the billing counters using the best technologies available in India and abroad.

Post-COVID, market dynamics and customer behaviour have changed, and retailers must deal with some of the burning issues and improve their adaptability. Retailers leveraging technology to boost internal efficiency and adapt to evolving customer requirements will influence convenience retailers’ future success. DroptheQ enables consumers to organize and execute their shopping needs without having to wait in long Check Out queues at the store. DroptheQ not only enhances the CX exponentially and increases customer retention, but it also increases the daily revenues and optimizes the store operations, thereby reducing the cost. “Studies show that
an average person spends up to one year of their lifetime in queues, and we believe that technology should work to serve people and to maximize their convenience”, speaks Swati Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, DroptheQ.

Providing Exceptional & Integrated Digital Solutions
DroptheQ provides digital convenience to the retail customer, who is physically present at the Retail Store (both fashion and grocery) Food Courts and Quick Serving Restaurants from their smartphone. DroptheQ works on verticals which include Digitizing the food courts and markets through the ORDER2SERVE model. The company developed the self-checkout technology where an individual’s smartphone can be used as POS to enhance convenience, majorly at grocery/retail shopping. “DroptheQ aims to reduce this wastage of time with a single Mobile app that integrates a host of service providers, with the aim of increasing convenience for the end customer and bringing loads of Value for the partner Stores/QSRs/ Corporates/Educational Institutes”,highlights Swati.

DroptheQ, as the name suggests, is aimed at eliminating the queues at the billing counters for paying bills, picking-up food, cloth trails, or gaining access to entry at various places

DroptheQ’s journey has been a roller coaster ride, it started its operations in Aug ’2021 from a single food court in Kamla Nagar, Delhi, and now operating in six food courts in Delhi and expanding in Mumbai & Hyderabad too at a speed of 125x. A company’s USP is either the product or the people behind it, and DroptheQ has a complete package. It has a strong IT team, a dedicated back-end team and an outstanding Business Development & Marketing Team. The company has been recognized as the Best Tech Startups 2021 by Silicon India, and Technology Provider of the Year, Food Connoisseurs India 2022.

“DroptheQ’s idea is unique, as it combines technology with the workforce to convert a QSR to CDR, hence will be marking its presence in PAN-India very soon. Meanwhile, it is about to start its operations in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. The company has partnered with SAI, a UK-based AI/ML company that provides real time Theft Prevention and other analytics, including footfall count customer demography, attendance, and other customizable compliances. The company has further started the pilot project with a leading grocery store chain in Gurgaon and will go ahead with the Series A funding. It has recently launched India’s first phygital platform for advertising”, speaks Swati.