Dualsafe: Revolutionizing Rider Safety through Innovative Headgears Solution

 Arvind Sethi,  Co-Founder & CEO,  Anupama Sethi, Co-Founder

Arvind Sethi, Co-Founder & CEO

Anupama Sethi, Co-Founder

The two-wheeler safety sector is witnessing a notable focus on rider and pillion well-being, propelled by the increased usage of two-wheelers for daily commuting and leisure. This emphasis arises from a surge in road accidents, underscoring the importance of protective gear. Manufacturers respond with technologically advanced safety equipment. However, consumers grapple with balancing affordability and effectiveness while ensuring proper sizing and fit. Awareness about the latest safety technologies and gear importance is limited.

Established in 2020, DUALSAFE is committed to elevating two-wheeler commuting safety. The company's patented two-in-one headgear offers an affordable, high-quality safety solution. This innovative technology seamlessly transforms a single protective helmet into two, each with distinct cushioning, ensuring both comfort and robust safety meeting industry standards. DUALSAFE, fusing cutting-edge technology with affordability, reshapes the market, effectively addressing pivotal challenges faced by two-wheeler riders.

Founded by Arvind and Anupama Sethi, DUALSAFE aims to offer an affordable safety solution for two-wheeler riders. Motivated by rising pillion rider fatalities related to insecure helmet storage, the duo conceptualized a unique Two-in-one wearable with Bluetooth and IoT features. Overcoming
challenges, DUALSAFE secured grants from SISFS via GINSERV and pre-seed funding from SSS via IIT Mandi Catalyst, advancing to the final stages of product testing. With granted patents and global expansion goals, DUALSAFE is redefining safety standards. The company has made strides in the B2B sector, aiming to make partnerships with two-wheeler manufacturers, rental organizations, and taxi aggregators, showcasing its commitment to transforming safety in the two-wheeler industry. “Our company's innovative safety solutions have garnered interest from over 20 brands, and it aims to reach 200,000 users across five countries by 2024”, says Arvind Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder.

Enhancing Two-Wheeler Safety
Pioneering a significant leap in two-wheeler safety, DUALSAFE unveils the world's first two-in-one headgear. This groundbreaking innovation incorporates a chin-strap indicator, mirroring car seat belts to enhance safety measures. Intra-helmet communication fosters seamless rider-pillion interaction, minimizing accidents resulting from diverted attention. Offering individual mobile connectivity for GPS, music, and calls, the headgear prioritizes overall convenience. Through the integration of IoT features and cutting-edge sensors, DUALSAFE is committed to advancing safety solutions. The embedded software ensures precise control and intelligent decision-making, solidifying the smart wearables' superior safety and functionality.

DUALSAFE leads the market through patented innovation, IoT expertise, and a global vision. Overcoming initial hurdles with support from NASSCOM CoE IoT and others, the company has demonstrated a resilient journey, attracting B2B interest. DUALSAFE's dedication extends to customer collaboration, refining prototypes based on invaluable feedback. The strategic integration of a high-resolution camera solidifies DUALSAFE's position as a safety technology frontrunner, catering to diverse sectors and ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage. The company's pioneering approach underscores its commitment to reshaping safety standards and making a significant impact on the global stage.

DUALSAFE's emphasis on heightened safety measures involves leveraging technologies such as ICAT and xsensor, instilling confidence in diverse sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, e-market delivery, and law enforcement. The company's proactive engagement encompasses participation in eight major events and exhibitions, complemented by robust online and offline outreach efforts. This approach ensures consumers are well-informed about current and upcoming advancements in DUALSAFE's revolutionary wearable safety gadget. As part of its global strategy, DUALSAFE aspires to sponsor high-profile events like MotoGP, aiming for international recognition and widespread adoption of its innovative product line.