DxMinds: Promising Digital Transformation Solutions from Ideation to Concept and Production to Implementation

Bhabani Shankar Jena,CEO`Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation', says Dean Kamen. As it is mentioned in the quote above with the invention of new technologies every day the developers are inching towards an AI-first world, and this is a perfect time for tech entrepreneurs to make their mark. As we all know, with all the revolutionary ideas that you can transform into reality, AI and bots will rule the future, many venture capital firms and tech investors have a bird's eye view of the tech industry. Startups need to grow quickly, they will fall instantly if they can't keep up in the fast lane. Employees have to show their creativity with fresh designs and new concepts that seize consumer interest. There is a pressure to break new ground, but in start-ups, dynamic energy drives change.

Established in 2018, DxMinds Innovation Labs is the brainchild of Bhabani Shankar Jena, a company which is focusing on digital transformation technologies. DxMinds has around seven offices across the countries and is majorly offering emerging technologies, services and innovative product development. The company DxMinds have three major business units such as DXMind Technologies, which primarily emphases into IT Services, next is, DX Game studio and the third is DX Automotive. Bhabani Shankar Jena, CEO, DX Minds Innovation Labs says, "At DxMinds we have a strong innovational culture and a dedicated centre of excellence team. So, to explain more about the DXMind technologies we offer IT services like AI, Blockchain, Mobility, Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data Analytics and so on. At DxMinds we are building a product related to virtual walk in a platform for job interview platforms, we can see that in the future there will a lot of requirements for such platforms where real job seekers and the recruiters can meet on a walk-in virtual platform."
DxMinds also offers automotive services, such as they provide a fair solution, telematics, and safety systems to EVs (Electric Vehicles) through IoT devices. Adding to this, they also provide services in gaming space, DxMinds have already developed some of the complete solutions for their customers who are experts into gaming space. DxMinds offer some of the industry's unique jumpstart frameworks, specialized in rendering cutting-edge technology solutions to their consumers across verticals, also,DXBots and AI Solution were developed by the company to improve the interaction of their customers. Secondly, the Retailer Ecommerce Demand, a multi-seller idea that will allow small e-commerce start-ups to remain firm in the industry and develop their trade system quickly.

Further adding more Bhabani asserts, "The organisation follows an agile service delivery and customer experience model because it is subject to change, and you do not keep any criteria set. Competitors come up with new ideas or the preferences of the consumer differ often, thus, we provide products and services according to changing market dynamics that can be easily adapted by our customers. We have a team that uses the company analyst to ensure that all customer requirements can be narrowed down as far as possible so the creation of proper services and interface design is much simpler for us. We have a team of UX architects and we develop the designs based on the demands of the client and it also requires a detailed analysis of the current needs of the sector. DxMinds has a range of regular protocols, tools for management and a mechanism that ensures everything is organized and dusted."

Dxminds offers some of the industry's unique jumpstartframeworks, specialized in rendering cutting-edge technology solutions to their consumers across verticals

As the business is still rising, different milestones are being accomplished and in a couple of years, DxMinds has made excellent growth. In addition to this, how to get into clients and provide them with the right mix of services as per their needs and build long-term customer engagement, these are some of the accomplishments DxMinds has achieved in a short period. "We have almost covered all the major technical aspects and are leveraging the best services according to our capabilities and also, we have a keen on bringing out new technologies according to the market trends.

As per the organization's perspective, we want to scale up our services and grow faster and want to get more customers also, get into the business market of the US, Europe and other places, henceforth, we are looking forward to hiring more resources locally in several countries. Also, we want to expand our tech team and in the next three years, we want to grow up to 1500 plus employees. And now we're looking for investors, we are talking to a lot of investors, as we want to increase the amount of funding so that we can grow and have already received strong interest from a few investors in each of the divisions as a specific way of doing so.