Easy Advocacy: Making Advocacy Facile for Everyone

Harshvardhan Sharma, FounderAn alumnus of the University of Minnesota and a lawyer by profession, Harshvardhan Sharma has decided to to remove the complexities persisting in the legal counsel. The basic intention was to create a platform through which people can interact with verified lawyers, enduring authentic and clear-cut experience. “The law and order of our nation has not yet met any significant advancement. Getting in touch with the high ranking lawyers and understanding the legal code can be a back-breaking task. So through Easy Advocacy we have endeavoured to technologically furnish the discipline,” enlightens Harshvardhan Sharma, Founder.

Easy Advocacy is a perfect platform to appease any sort of legal reservations. It puts up legal services like e-stamp, e-court, e-Sign and certified copies. Through this centralised agency, one can get in touch with the top lawyers in town just in a click of a button. And all of these offerings are forked up without any charges. The company also features facilities in the kind of case
request, free legal templates, read article, and Indian Kanoon- a guidebook about the country’s law and order. On the whole, the main objective of the firm has been to simplify the legal counsel to an extend that it is easily perceived and accessed by common man. Apart from these top-notch services,

the company also provides various opportunities to young lawyers. It assists them to expand their network and reach out to prospective clients. This enables the legal practitioner build a brand name for themselves. In the main EasyAdvocacy intends to mitigate the crevice between the system and people, helping one to identify verified lawyers tailoring the requisites concerning various areas like crime, insurance, property and so on. The company has made the process of booking appointments very plain sailing, anyone seeking for legal help can simply root about the Q&A forum and satiate their reservations. This law tech firm makes an infallible endeavor to analyse the case and find the best oracle in the industry who comply with the client’s obligations. “Initiating to simplify the intricacies within the eCourts system, we have come up with a structured webbased online module to rationalize every legal procedure,” he states.

Easy Advocacy is perfect platform to appease any sort of legal reservations

However, the expedition of the company has not been an easy one. Each day did bring in new challenges for it to set things in motion. The biggest stumbling block was to introduce the concept in the market loaded with ignorant minds. So before broaching their services we had to put efforts in acquainting people with the subject. It gradually figured out the loop holes an with a proper groundwork it has been able to educate people about the entire abstraction of lawyers and law being available in the online podium. Eventually, the company accelerated growth in all direction. It has launched its beta version, on boarded about 2000+ lawyers holding 30 to 35 years of experience, and attracted a substantial number of clients.

The Future Prospective
Easy Advocacy has set out to triumph over the nation as the leading law-tech platform. The company is all geared up to usher in new software that would capacitate people generate agreement, get official papers attested and delivered at doorstep. Being a house of massive number of services, it resolutes to maintain this stature and include more such instrumental services. “Our vision is to spread across the nation, reaching each and every vicinity and transform the way clients engage in legal counsel. We are planning to launch software like e-Sign, e-Stamp Papers and others,” he informs. Over and above, the company is setting up Easy Advocacy as an influential legal platform which facilitates law related commissions at a button's click.