Eat Any time: Perfectly balanced Mealsin Pocket- Sized Energy bars

 Rishit Sanghvi &,Rohit Garodia

Rishit Sanghvi &

Rohit Garodia

In the last couple of years, the Indian confectionery market has seen an upward trend towards a newer dimension with bringing in the wave of product innovations, value-additions, and launches. Following the footprints of the US market, the space is all set to tap the rising affluent taste choices and healthy eating habits with evolving market trends. Moreover, the rise in the younger consumers & health enthusiasts had led the demand for a contemporary format and flavours with letting manufacturers capture the market with varied products range. Foreseeing this, many young companies have emerged with innovative health foods that can closely match the nutrition and ensure optimum health benefits. Noticing that one doesn’t need to make a huge change to opt for healthy eating, even the smallest change can make a significant impact in the health strata, Mumbai based Wholesome Habits Private Limited, and popularly known as Eat Anytime (EAT) came into the existence. The company surfaced with the sole aim to reach and feed the masses with healthy snacks & bars - thus, contributing to a worthwhile living.

The idea of Eat Anytime, a company in the nutritional healthy snacks & bars space is not the one that emerged in a single day. It was a long thought-process that evolved gradually. Rishit Sanghvi, a Chartered Accountant by profession and an ex-banker having worked with Deutsche bank and Reliance Capital always was aspired to figure out something that could match his anticipation to start entrepreneurial stints. In the meantime, he got catch hold of the fact that was faced by all, but ignored by many. His wife being a nutritionist had sponsored a marathon and had prepared homemade granola bars to ensure a large footfall. To his surprise, the hundred kgs of granola bars prepared ended up in the very day. This made him realize that healthy snacking is what people generally tend to look for. Also, finding that as the demand for it has grown up but still there were not many products that were readily available & affordable to all, Rishit noticed the underlying opportunity and decided to set
his sail in the entrepreneurship voyage.

“Though the concept was already formed but the formal plot arrangement happened only when I discussed with one of my close friends, Rohit Garodia (Co-Founder, EAT Anytime) who already had some knowledge and was aware of the market evolvement with tracking it closely. After having a discussion we came to a conclusion to institutionalize Eat Anytime a well-defined platform for healthy nutritional snacks & bars,” speaks Rishit Sanghvi, Founder & Managing Director, EAT Anytime.

Fortifying the support of the country’s Govt. in the form of the ‘Fit India Campaign’, and the rapid growth, Eat Anytime strives to carve a niche with three major drivers – ‘Innovation, Health & Taste

Food for Thought
Capacitated with the motto ‘Health is Wealth’, Eat Anytime has set its own benchmark for the definition of healthy. The company believes that the products are needed to be balanced nutritionally with adding a great taste & flavour. Therefore, creating a golden balance of taste & health, Eat Anytime bars has perfectly defined health in terms of nutritional aspect and taste. Categorizing its products based on composition, the company offers two broad categories. First, being the traditional Granola bars with modern outlook in terms of flavours and the other, Fruit bar for supplement energy. “Our core USP has always been to create products that are well balanced. Thus, considering the three core pillars - nutrients, composition & taste, we prepare the nutrient snack& bars rather than getting into the specific sort of flavour. Moreover, we do not want to be a “me too” brand and are always keen to experiment the new thoughts,” avers Rishit.

Eat Anytime are perfect balanced meal packed in pocket-sized energy bars. Composed of 100 percent natural ingredients such as dates, oats, nuts, cereals, seeds & others, each of them is carefully curated under the supervision of a Nutritionist. Some of their exciting flavours include Mango Ginger, Peanut Butter with Chocolate, Butter Scotch, Orange & so on - each accustomed to the exotic flavourly taste. Mentioning about the product that is been made for spicy & sour craving food lovers, he states, “We are the first-of-its-kind company in India to launch a savoury bar ‘Bambaiya Chaat’. It is for
anyone who craves for a bhelpuri or sometimes at any hour of time.”

Fortifying the support of the country’s Govt. in the form of the ‘Fit India Campaign’, and the rapid growth, Eat Anytime strives to carve a niche with three major drivers - ‘Innovation, Health & Taste.’ In accordance to this, the company strives to come up with new innovations in form of exotic products in every two months and launch them. In terms of structure, they leverage to reach out to the customers through digital modules and below-the-line activities with creating loyalty plans, right bonding & more.

Driving Presence – Innovation & Promotion
Mumbai headquartered Eat Anytime, has launched its products in Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune and plans to expand in the prominent cities of Hyderabad, Surat, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta & others. The company has channeled with eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, BigBasket and more along with making them available in Hypermarkets, college canteens, food fest & exhibitions.

The company believes that EAT Healthy should not be the luxury of few and hence the company contributes Rupee 1 for every bar sold towards CSR activities. Rishit concludes, “Soon we are coming up with amazing ranges of healthy snacks in four-five categories. With launching the products in prominent cities, the penetration will help to capture the market in a much flexible & easier way out.”

Key Management :
Rishit Sanghvi- A CA by profession, an experienced banker with over 15 years in the financial industry, Rishit began his entrepreneurial innings with a new venture named OTB consulting Private Limited. Their first flagship product “My DIETist” is first-in-class consultative nutrition application, which aims to spread awareness and guidance towards managing people’s dietary habits, thereby leading towards a healthier lifestyle.

Rohit Garodia– A chartered account and a commerce graduate from Mumbai University, Rohit has over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate & Investment Banking. He is also the founder of the Pecan Group which spans in investment banking, Retail, Real Estate, Portfolio Management & Angel Investing.

Varied Product Offerings :
• ButterScotch
• Tangy Orange
• BambaiyaChaat
• Mango Ginger
• Peanut Butter with Choco