Separator Delivering Artisanal, Gourmet and Handmade Products at Doorstep

Tanul Mishra & Shipra Bhansali,,  Co-FoundersMumbaibased Eatelish is best known as a curated marketplace and a platform for the country’s artisan food makers to reach its tables. The product range consists of handpicked and artisanal food from around India across various categories such as spices, snacks, condiments and drink mixes. The brainchild of Tanul Mishra & Shipra Bhansali, Eatelish began its journey as a celebration of wonderful food and warm stories about food, cooking, flavours and experiences. Soon, it evolved to be a company that helps people discover the exciting variety of food made by great artisan food makers across India. Along with that, Eatelish introduces people to local ingredients and cooking methods found in towns and cultures across the country.

Eatelish’s unique proposition is the product quality and the way its services and handles its customers. “We intend to provide consumers with products that are handmade, fresh, with no preservatives. The quality of the end product as well the idea that Eatelish was born from the continuous search of great recipes that can be brought to the urban consumer and products made by the hands of authentic experts who have dedicated their lives to creating a great food product. Our systems and culture creates the brand that we want to show to the consumers around India and how we can cater to their needs with our product lines,” enlightens Tanul.
Addressing the Challenges
When it comes to challenges that online grocery startups usually subjected to, inventory mix and shelf life remains the major ones. Team Eatelish manages these by keeping a just in time sourcing
system and by largely stocking longer shelf life products. “Apart from this, there are a few difficulties that we encounter such as products that are returned from consumers which we investigate to provide better service and to answer any queries so that in the future we can provide better services and products. Transit damage has also been a particular hitch which we have worked on and created a better system to avoid these damages,” she says.

Eatelish introduces people to local ingredients and cooking methods found in towns and cultures across the country

The company offers its customers high quality regional specialities with the ease of doorstep delivery. “Our flagship offering is our Ready to Cook Rice Mixes which is a simple product that can be beneficial to the urban consumers and their hectic lifestyle. We offer a handmade mix to prepare in just 10 minutes at home or wherever you may be. Our product line is healthy, authentic tastes and creating an experience that caters to the wants and needs of the consumer. It’s a healthy and quick product to make giving the consumer the taste of flavourful Indian rice dishes,” informs Shipra.

To ensure providing a secure platform to the customers, the team has taken necessary security measures and further intends to create a network and community using the various avenues to reach the consumer. This is how Eatelish started as a blog about food adventures and discovery of all the different cuisines and taste that India as a culture has to offer and the founders wanted to share their discoveries with the urban consumer.

The Growth
Eatelish caters to customers Pan India through its website and other online partner marketplaces. The aim is to take Eatelish from a niche to mainstream through constant marketing efforts and give the products the spotlight. “Our intention is to cater to a large audience through the multiple routes to create the foundation in the consumer’s mind,” she asserts. We are in the middle of creating a professional look to our branding and packaging as well as the presentation to consumers both online and offline,” she concludes.