Eatopia: Revolutionizing Healthy Snacking Habits In India

Jacob George,  CEO & Director

Jacob George

CEO & Director

Indians enjoy snacking and don't need an excuse to dip into a bag of munchies. This has prompted snacking behemoths and fastfood restaurants to evolve in order to fulfil the needs of the snacking consumer. However, as weight gain and other health issues become more prevalent, the emphasis has switched to healthy snacks. The demand emerges as customers have become more health-conscious than ever before.

From a Malaysian-based B2B company Macworld, Mcgill Foods branched out as its FMCG arm. Eatopia is Mcgill's brainchild launched in 2021, with a line of clean and healthy food products aimed at changing people's snacking habits. Eatopia's present headquarters is in Mumbai. Its manufacturing facilities are in Maharashtra and Kerala, with an emphasis on establishing an omnichannel presence.

Making Healthy Food Acceptable
Eatopia arose from the desire to provide them with products that were tasty, natural, nutritious, and free of evil. Jacob George jumped straight in, leaving his corporate career behind in 2021 to become the CEO and Director of McGill Foods. The concept was to create healthful, flavorful, and nutrient dense packaged foods derived from natural ingredients such as honey, berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, millets, and whole grains. Eatopia seeks to produce a healthy eating lifestyle packed with delicious superfoods without fillers, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, refined sugars, or artificial sweeteners by understanding the Indian market and its flaws. Eatopia is all about mixing nutrient dense superfoods that work on the health, flavor, and trust spectrum. It is not your average snack company, and each product guarantees balanced nutrition.
The Perfect Blend of Health & Taste
Eatopia products are designed to provide an intimate snacking experience with decadent flavors, seductive taste, and balanced nutrition. Consider Jam, which is popular and delicious yet contains 50 percent refined sugar. Eatopia produced jam by substituting pure honey for the refined sugar content. Eatopia's Nut Pops are another excellent example, as they are made with natural superfoods such as nuts, seeds, honey, cranberry, and spices. It contains protein, fiber, and minerals and keeps you fuller for a long period. Slow roasted Superfood Jowar Puffs and Oat Puffs blend health, flavor, and affordability into a single product. The products are made up of 80 percent jowar and 80 percent oats respectively, and they contain 70 percent less fat than conventional fried snacks. They are also created from local grains such as millets (jowar) and oats, which are helping to transform the Indian healthy food market.

The snack bar industry is currently saturated, but Eatopia took a unique approach with Fruit Minis. These super fruit bites are not just packed with 100 percent natural ingredients but are first ever energy snack with high fruit content. Fruits along with almonds, cashew, oats, pure honey, and seeds transport you to a healthy snacking paradise.

Abraham Thomas, Chairman McGillfoods

Eatopia's path has been impressive, and it has received a few accolades along the way. The Asia Food Congress & Awards has recognised the company with the 'Top Most Food Brands Award in 2022'. Furthermore, Industry Outlook ranked it as one of the top ten packaged food startups in 2022.

Eatopia's products are currently accessible across India on online platforms such as Amazon,, Minis by Swiggy, Big Basket, and Flipkart. Aside from its internet domination, it also has a huge offline presence, particularly in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Cochin, and Bangalore. Eatopia has also established an international presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) countries. Eatopia, which began as a solitary marketplace is quickly becoming the next great D2C brand.

"Our sole objective has been to influence not only Indians' perceptions of snacking options, but also the global market. Working tirelessly toward this goal has brought us the success they had always predicted", concludes Jacob George, CEO at McGill Foods.