Ecodew: Pure Water Solutions

Muhammed Nujoom,Co-Founders

Muhammed Nujoom, a chemical engineer by profession began his stint in a water engineering company from where he studied his basics in Water Engineering. From his experience, he understood that there is a lack of specialized technology and expertise in the water engineering domain. In fact, there were some problems related to water which had no solutions in the world. This encouraged him to focus on Research and development that in turn made him think of natural ways of water treatment. After two years of research, he formulated his first product from vegetable extracts that can treat sewage water to drinking grade. Thus Ecodew came into being to commercialize the technology.

Treating water using natural extracts was a myth before Ecodew brought in its state of the art Biosieve Microfiltration Technology. The technology could be scaled to any extent from few litres of water to millions of litres. “Normally people employ a wastewater treatment system only to get compliance from Authorities. But now the situation has changed particularly when cities like Bangalore are on top lists of cities
in the world that will face acute water scarcity. We help customers to actually save millions of litres of water without having the burden to spend so much for it,” speaks Nujoom.

The company combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Team Ecodew works on contributing to the success of their customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world.

"At present, team Ecodew is working towards developing a Water Technology Innovation Centre (WTIC) that can provide cutting edge custom and R&D solutions to Industries"

The Journey
At the start, team Ecodew encountered challenges with respect to introducing new technology in the market. “When we showed our product to people, they couldn’t believe as it was against all conceptual theories of water treatment. We had to market for almost 7 months to get our first client,” Nujoom mentions. Things started falling in place after they acquired their first client. Eventually, with quality services, it was chosen to be one of the Innovation partners for Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. Ecodew was also recognized as one among the best 400 startups in India by DST and IIM Calcutta.

Functioning primarily out of Kerala, Ecodew enjoys the location-specific advantages. “Kerala was elected as one of the most startup favourable states in the country.
Kochi is a growing city unlike cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and as far as water treatment is concerned, it should be planned way ahead of even starting of construction of a building. So we believe Kochi has its advantages,” he informs.

Seeing Brighter Opportunities
Ecodew’s focus is more towards delivering quality solutions that have actually geared up its business. “We were in profit on the first year of Incorporation – a milestone that only a few startups will achieve. Now we have dealers and business in the Middle East and Maldives and we are looking to expand into other regions as well,” he adds. The company, over the years, has successfully delivered solutions to many companies including Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Qatar Fuel, Qatar Petrochemical Company, to name a few.

At present, team Ecodew is working towards developing a Water Technology Innovation Centre (WTIC) that can provide cutting edge custom and R&D solutions to Industries. WTIC will be the first of its kind in India that can give consultation and research services to industries across the world in solving water-related problems and solutions to conserve water. ‘It will also aim at providing free services to communities facing drinking water shortages or problems arising due to contaminated water. We will also train students and technocrats to create a global work force in water treatment,” concludes Nujoom.