EcoEase: Innovating Distribution, Executing Energy

   Utkarsh Nahar,    Founder
Utkarsh Nahar, Founder

The core desire of meeting the needs of the green energy sector and bringing in environmental sustainability, fomented Utkarsh Nahar to establish EcoEase - an clean tech startup that avails the power of digitization and vouchsafe the expedites to every customer through functional websites and apps. His passion to work for social causes such as veganism & environmental sustainability and his expertise over the lean six-sigma intrigued him towards the clean tech industry. This very propensity inspired him to initiate a venture that could fill the absence of a brand in the market that caters all issues regarding green energy and the environment “I have always been riveted towards making the society and environment a better place to live in and that is exactly how I came up with the concept of initiating a clean tech firm,” says Utkarsh.

Ecoease is a revolutionary
marketplace platform that delivers ease of access to(de)centralized renewable energy & environmental sustainability solutions for mass market consumers.It has developed functional websites and mobileapps to further ease the adoption and utilization of energy emitted by natural sources. The company has used the power of social media and informative blogs to keep people informed about its latest offerings like solar lights & heaters, Wind turbines, water solutions, solar adventure equipment and many others. Besides these, it has developed a solar calculator with the help of its in-house team to cater the exclusive needs of the customers.

"Ecoease is a revolutionary marketplace platform that delivers ease of access to (de)centralized renewable energy & environmental sustainability solutions to mass market consumers"

The Journey
The initial journey of Ecoease was at unease owing to the high cost of tech acquisition which it fixed by carrying out ample market research and making a practical yet effective use of utilisation of resources. At present it holds a significant position in the market and is uploading new inventories. The success rate of EcoEase is soaring high, it has attracted a good number of partners and customers which has eventually elevated its existence.It has
extended its reach to major cities and is operational pan India. Apart from providing products, the company is spreading awareness about adopting products that could conserve natural resources, protect the environment and make earth a better and robust place to live in. “We have been highly lean with our operations till date. As a team we have made it so far and wish to accomplish great things in future,” he voices.

The Indian solar market is $455billion and is expected to cross $100Billion in next five years, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with huge opportunities. EcoEase is all geared up to be a pioneer in the global green energy development and create sustainable clean environment for all. It has also introduced two peerless segments i.e. blockchain and clean tech sustainable fashion. It has a team of freelancers who are working on this sustainable fashion by embedding solar tech in clothes & accessories. It is making provisions to form a core management team, and is on the lookout for incubators and investors who share the same vision as the company. “We care all geared up to set up a prototype very soon and intend to join hands with aspiring investors who have interest and want to contribute in this very domain,” he concludes.