ECOEV: Poised to be a Top brand in Manufacturing Electric Vehicles

By  K Munshi ,    FounderSteve Jobs once rightly quoted, "People with passion can change the world for the better." These wise words hold the secret to entrepreneurial success. Successful entrepreneurs are abundantly passionate about their missions. They are passionate about disruptions by building products or services that make the world better for all. Such is the story of K Munshi who founded ECOEV. He has been pondering upon Electric Vehicles and their potential to change the automobile industry since 2005. The idea germinated with his curiosity and experimentation came to life in 2016. Today, ECOEV is one of the top brands in manufacturing Electric Vehicles; providing a greener auto-motive ecosystem with affordability, safety, and efficiency features to the consumers. As an EV research & development company, ECOEV is developing various battery driven products focused on ecology & environmental sustainability, ease of manufacturing, and economic production techniques.

Contributing towards a Zero-Carbon Future
Leaving no stones unturned, ECO-EV is catering sustainable solutions benefit to numerous sectors including Agriculture, Airports, Tourist Places, Shopping Malls, etc. CTech Labs Pvt and IIT Bombay are strong support for the company’s user/ market research and product planning, prototype building and testing, etc. The inhouse R&D team of the sister company CTech Labs Pvt. Ltd and IIT Bombay are working tirelessly to innovate and reiterate all the possible solutions to reduce carbon foot print across
these niche areas, which require less range coverage. The teams strive to find sustainable and financially viable solutions to realworld problems.

For almost a decade, we wanted to foray into EV because the scope is far and beyond. However, there was no appropriate infrastructure back then. Even today, the industry has its own drawbacks; starting from the lack of technological infrastructure in India to the range covered by electricity driven vehicles. Therefore, we decided to focus on niche areas that need EVs for light usage. In collaboration with CTech& IITB, we have been designing and developing sustainable and eco-friendly energy saving machines, two-wheelers, three-wheelers for interior use in airports, shopping malls, IT campuses, tourist places, railway stations, factories, etc.,” says K Munshi, Director.

Our current focus is on the design transfer of the products to interested organizations and entrepreneurs looking for new business opportunities

Munshi further adds, "Going green is no more a choice; it's the need of the hour!We are constantly upgrading to clean energy techniques/solutions by leveraging the latest technology products for cost-saving, increased efficiency, and better outcomes in reducing the environmental footprint.” The company has started the product/technology development process with the help of IIT Bombay and based its initial line of EVs (2-wheeler & 3-wheelers) on the patent held by IITB. Some of these technologies are ready for transfer to organizations/companies interested in manufacturing and marketing of these products in collaboration or hand-holding support from ECOEV.

ECOEV has also initiated the development of battery driven agriculture aids (such as brush cutter, grass cutter, electric farm hoe, electric mini tractor, etc.,) for higher farm productivity, particularly suitable for small farmers. It is developing mobility aids for elderly and disabled people as well. All the vehicles at ECOEV are designed to be compact and lightweight by using composite materials, optimized geometry, and configuration.