Ecom Vente: An Innovative e-Commerce Brand Aspiring for Optimal Customer Satisfaction

Utpal Satpathi,  FounderThe Indian e-Commerce market has been growing rapidly over the years, clocking in impressive growth numbers consistently. Ecom Vente is an online e-Commerce solution provider which helps brands minimize their involvement in the e-Commerce sector. The company provides businesses with e-Commerce expertise along with a complete backend solution. Even now, brands do not have an idea about the potential of e-Commerce and how they can benefit from it. A lot of companies are not willing to switch from their traditional business model. Ecom Vente help brands to enlighten themselves about the potential use of e-Commerce and how they can parallelly maintain their traditional business with the new e-commerce model.

Driven By its Passion for Excellence
With Ecom Vente, brands just need to fulfill their e-Commerce order. Since its dawn, Ecom Vente has been providing solutions that are required for a brand to commence e-Commerce services and no other firm besides it provides order wise payment returns as well as sale reconciliation. Thus, the company has been able to develop into a one stop solution provider in the industry. From helping businesses to register themselves on different portals to marketing and product cataloging, the company executes each activity with precision. As the brand name implies, Ecom Vente offers
comprehensive e-Commerce backend management with an adept team of marketing, cataloging and accounts professionals. Secondly, the company also has an inhouse photography studio that aids businesses to put out the best of their products.

The company only deals with manufacturers and brand owners who can give it good value & once the clients are onboarded, Ecom Vente goes the extra mile to offer them the best value for money offerings

Ecom Vente has 10+ years of expertise in the e-Commerce sector. The company's core team has dedicated eight years and more to commercial photography. On top of this, the company leverages its immense industry expertise to identify what kinds of product images appeal to the clients. With a team of four expert photographers, two product stylists, five editors, three salespersons, and two operations managers, the company is emerging as a stronger brand each day. With Ecom Vente, more than 500 national brands, sellers, and merchants have already experienced success. With its outstanding and extremely scalable e-commerce solutions, the company helps its clients to cut operating expenses, boost profits, and expand enormously. Ecom Vente has left no stone unturned in helping brands from different industry verticals. The company only deals with manufacturers and brand owners who can give it good value and once the clients are onboarded, Ecom Vente goes the extra mile to offer them the best value for money offerings.

With the aid of technology, Ecom Vente is seeking to turn local small business owners into international entrepreneurs. From its imaging services to e-Commerce development, the company is incorporating technology everywhere possible. The next few months will be a milestone for Ecom Vente as it is expanding its presence to Delhi, Mumbai,and Bangalore by this year. The company is also targeting 400+ big manufacturers as well as for e-Commerce business. Ecom Vente has made impressive strides in the market since its inception and as of now, it has received an Authorized Studio from Hopscotch in Eastern India, and is a Partner for Flipkart e-commerce Ecosystem Program. When asked about the company's promise to its clients, Utpal Satpathi, Founder, Ecom Vente says, "For any brand that wants to commence its e-Commerce business, ECom Vente provides an all around solution. Our initiative to make businesses live is to handle each forte that can minimize involvement from the brand".