Ecopmin Technologies: Creating an Environment for Employees to Grow & Thrive

Vinoth Perumal,   MD & CEOA good employer makes going to work enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging. When looking for work, look for organizations that have happy employees, attractive perks, and strong company culture. Employee experience is not only consistent with profitability; it is also critical to meeting financial targets.

ECOPMIN Technologies has been a place where individuals can learn and grow alongside the company as a whole. The company's growth can be attributed to its employees' similar beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as one common goal and support for everyone's ambitions. This is further backed by concrete trust, an open culture, fairness, and transparency which ECOPMIN has built to ensure a healthy environment for employees.

Speaking of the company, ECOPMIN has carved a niche for itself as a global electronics specialist, devising cutting-edge Surface Mount Technology equipment. ECOPMIN Technologies was established in the year 2017 and is today a reputable and established Indian company with its global footprints (Subsidiary) spread across South Korea, the UK, Hungary & Malaysia. ECOPMIN specializes in quality SMT production equipment, customized solutions, spares, and consumables to a global customer base and is able to export worldwide thanks to our professional dedicated team of experts.

The company is known for its PCBA Handling systems for Electronics manufacturing services companies which includes link conveyors, cooling conveyors, turn conveyors, flipper, UV inspection conveyors, and IR curving conveyors to name a few.

The manufacturing started in the year 2022 and has been sold to esteemed customers such as SYRMA, WOORY, Thinksemi Infotech, LS Automotive & Visteon.

“We take pride in being one of the few firms of our sort to have its quality management system ISO 9001:2015 accredited. ECOPMIN Technologies is a market leader in Surface Mount Electronic Assembly due to our commitment to quality service and incredibly reasonable pricing. With a solid business network, the company guarantees first-rate goods and services, as well as potentially the largest stock in India with fast availability”, highlights Vinoth Perumal, MD & CEO at ECOPMIN Technologies.

Ecopmin Technologies, a pioneering manufacturer committed to the 'Make in India' initiative, stands as a leader in providing top-quality PCBA Handling systems for Electronics Manufacturing Services

Spearheading Company’s Operations
Vinoth Perumal is a prolific business leader and an evangelist with over 16 years of experience working with several worldwide electronics manufacturing technology firms. He has been successfully guiding the company's growth bandwagon in terms of developing new and emerging technologies with years of unparalleled experience in the electronic manufacturing industry of the Indian Subcontinent. He co-founded Ecopmin Technologies India in partnership with HS Global Korea in 2017 after observing a disproportionate demand for growth between developing local electronic manufacturing companies and technology suppliers specializing in Surface Mount (SMT) solutions. The company has truly been an indigenous company that has strongly aligned itself with the Government of India's 'Make in India' initiatives.

As a client-centric company, ECOPMIN keeps the client's requirements at the helm to devise best-fit solutions. ECOPMIN now represents over 20 global OEM partner businesses and is the market leader in specialized technology equipment sales, service, and distribution, with a market share of more than 20 percent in the Surface Mount Technology business. Furthermore, Ecopmin is the preferred solutions provider for EMS companies looking to set up new production lines, upgrade existing machines, expand manufacturing capabilities, and optimize production throughputs, specializing in consultancy, distribution, sales, and service support. Vinoth Perumal began his electronics manufacturing career with Nokia in 2006 and has since worked with worldwide companies such as DEK UK, ASM-Singapore, Flex- Japan, Foxconn-China, Jabil-Vietnam, Motorola-Malaysia, Samsung-Korea, and many more.

Going forward, the company would be constantly integrating the latest technologies and methodologies to drive the needed innovation in the industry and set new standards.