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Shashi Tripathi, CMO & Co-Founder,CMO & Co-Founder
Shashi Tripathi,CMO& Co-Founder

2015 established SaaS-based platform connecting multiple offline & online merchants to various logistics partners facilitating cross-border commerce is what best defines An online marketplace for the courier and express industry, enables merchants across India with shipping solutions for domestic & International locations.

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its range of choices integrated with tech solutions which it provides to merchants at much-discounted pricing. “Unlike traditional courier companies, company is focused to support small and medium enterprise, where do not ask for any minimum commitment of business. So any enterprise anywhere in India can start shipping their products using our automation tools,” speaks Shashi S. Tripathi, CMO & Co-Founder.

Any retailer who is looking to start International export is concerned about Delivery, Customs paperwork, Costing & Convenience. With vast experience in International logistics, warehousing and trading, team understands the pain points and caters to
customer needs accordingly.“Our customer support team does the hand holding for any International seller by educating them with required documentation, pricing, duties and taxes at the destination. First-time exporter needs this handholding and once we are able to delight the customer shipments repeats automatically. These sellers bring lot of sellers through Word Of Mouth Communication,” he informs.

"Till date, eCourierz has provided solutions to more than 5000 sellers and is now geared up to serve at least 50,000 sellers by 2022"

End-to-end Logistics Solutions
eCourierz provides logistics solutions from 40 + service providers with 140 + services. The website provides a multitude of options to the sellers and through automatic tools these orders are placed with courier companies. “Our VCaN – Virtual Carrier Network solutions helps sellers to send parcels across the globe at discounted pricing. We have International gateway hubs at Delhi & Mumbai and through gateways, we send a lot of consolidated loads to UK, USA, EU & many countries,” he mentions.

Till date, eCourierz has provided solutions to more than 5000 sellers and is now geared up to serve at least 50,000 sellers by 2022. “Initially, we were doing shipments only from 6 metros but currently we are serviceable in 90 + cities with 8000 + serviceable pin codes. Our vendor list has grown from 2 to 40 + as of May 2018. Through our network, we have sent more than 1 MN shipments and able to save a lot of hassles of
shipping management for these sellers,” he adds.

Medium size exporters who are selling through their own network or through marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or others need generic Consultation, IOR, AD code, DDP services. eCourierz has partnered with experts of International shipping and related service providers to support them with these services also.

Going further, eCourierz intends to add more service providers across Globeand ultimately optimizing services from these service providers to offer Shipping solutions for Retailers which may be online or offline. “As Indian economy is growing at fastest pace there will be millions of new enterprises who will need these automated shipping tools. eCourierz will fit right to their requirements at right time,” he concludes.

eCourierz Solutions
Customer acquisition through the app stores of e-commerce platforms Example: Woo Commerce, Open Cart, Presta Shop, and others.

Developer-centric acquisition strategy Focus on providing an easier integration of Indian Carriers for Global Partners

Channel partnerships with SMB aggregators, such as platforms, marketplaces, inventory management systems etc. Add value to the platform by providing a default solution