Edgistify: A single point solution for all logistics needs

Kamal Kishore Kumawat,  FounderThe wise idea of creating a value proposition to improve the Indian logistics and supply chain scenario is what gave birth to Mumbai based Edgistify. A one of its kind tech platform for logistic firms, Edgistify helps in designing the entire supply chain for any industry. It so happened that Kamal Kishore Kumawat who working with Target Corporation - Supply Chain Designing and Enterprise Inventory, in June 2016 came across that GST news was at peak. It was estimated that warehousing will have the greatest impact of GST. In the study, it came that 90 percent of Supply Chain & Logistics market was unorganized, and all existing startups were solving one of the problems in the value chain. Kamal was taken aback to to see that not a single company was approaching in a holistic view. After a brainstorming session with Umang Shukla and Antim Suman who were already founding members of other successful startups, he incepted Edgistify.

While the aim was to become a single point global tech platform for supply chain & logistics optimization, the company began functioning with fragmenting the entire industry in to
smaller modules. The next step was to have exhaustive parameters for every block and create a workflow which can be used by every industry. This activity helped in creating a proper digital repository for the industry which never existed in scientific format. “Our tech product is completed for bringing transparency and visibility. The starting block which we chose was having clean warehouse data repository and 3PL data. We have already captured more than 22 percent of the supply which serves 40 percent of the industry,” informs Kamal.

Edgistify’s SaaS based platform is holding the clean data for the industry in a scientific manner which brings speed and efficiency for all the stakeholders

As a one stop warehouse identification and leasing solution provider that tends to be faster, reliable, flexible and optimal, Edgistify develops predictive analytical tools where they assist companies identify the most ideal solution which fulfills their requirement. “Our SaaS based platform is holding the clean data for the industry in a scientific manner which brings speed and efficiency for all the stakeholders,” Kamal mentions. For customers,they act as their in-house team who is helping them design their entire supply chain based upon their requirements. All
the vendors can get the perfect fit customers through this platform. 3PL gets both benefits of customer and vendor as they can get customer for their existing leased spaces or they can get all services when they are working as a customer.

The most important thing which Edgistify is bringing is visibility and transparency which never existed in a channelized manner. This data saves time and helps in proactive planning for every company. “We are trying to bridge the gap between theoretical values and physical exceptionable data. We are acting as a catalyst for all the stakeholders also bringing knowledge to the entire ecosystem,” he says.

A Goal & A Plan = Success
In past years, Edgistify evidently has explored the industry from various angles and has analyzed all the domains to capture end to end logistics and supply chain. With a 12-member team we are a 12-memberteam, industry experts anda strong strategic team of investors, the company has served clients like Marico, Britannia, Pidilite, Reliance, amongst others.

Having strength across more than 18 cities across India, in the future Edgistify envisions providing a robust system in place which would comprise an entire data repository for the logistics and supply chain industry across the globe. “Our predictive algorithms and reports would enable us to become a logistics and supply chain team of every company,” he concludes.