Edgistify: Leveraging Technology to Build Resilient Supply Chains

Kamal Kumawat, Antim Suman & Umang Shukla,  Co-FoundersBy 2024, India's market for last mile delivery is anticipated to reach a value of $6-7 billion. A number of variables such as the expanding global e-Commerce market, the premiumization of goods and product delivery, and an increase in the number of warehouses are factors enhancing the market's growth. Edgistify ranks amongst the top integrated supply chain solution providers in India, providing scalable tech-driven solutions across consulting, implementation, and operations in the warehousing and logistics space. The firm's solutions enable visibility, optimization, automation, and agility across supply chains.

Edgistify specializes in streamlining warehousing operations, hyperlocal delivery, same-day/nextday order fulfillment, distribution and reverse logistics for clients from D2C, B2C, and B2B companies across India. “With a combination of technology, robust warehouse & dark store network & flexible fulfillment solutions, we offer consistently fast and efficient order fulfillment. We help brands gain visibility, cover larger markets & deliver customer satisfaction. Our solutions create a realtime trustworthy logistics universe”, speaks Kamal Kumawat, Co-Founder of Edgistify.

As part of its tech suite, Edgistify offers solutions for warehouse management, order
management, and fleet management. Similarly, Edgistify offers e-Commerce fulfillment, dark store operations, and B2B retail fulfillment services as part of warehousing operations and first mile, midmile, and last mile management under logistics services. Edgistify has also recently launched a same day delivery model specifically for the e-commerce, D2C & enterprise brands. Under consulting services, Edgistify offers services like supply chain planning and design, implementation, and optimization.

With a combination of technology & flexible fulfillment solutions, Edgistify strives to offer consistently agile & efficient order fulfillment

A Notch Apart
Incorporated in 2017, Edgistify aimed to develop a warehouse discovery and finalization platform to simplify the procurement process. Pivoting in 2021, the business’s model developed into a full-service suite of supply chain offerings. The company quickly developed a versatile WMS and OMS platform offering clients the ability to choose multiple locations and fitting distribution and fulfillment models. Edgistify through these advances over the years, has proved its ability to understand the market needs and provide bespoke solutions to fulfill the needs.

The firm’s USP is a unique blend of robust operations expertise supported by tech that is easily customizable and scalable. This helps streamline functions and improve efficiency. “We understand challenges and provide customized solutions. We offer off-the-shelf products with a high level of customization. With customized solutions and specialized services, we make the products of our customers available conveniently and efficiently in Tier-I & II cities along with the metros. Our technological strength is a key differentiating factor. Our warehouse management and order management platform is highly flexible, user friendly, and customizable”, says Umang Shukla, Co-Founder of Edgistify.

Edgistify and its team of skilled and technologically astute supply chain specialists are convinced that technology will shape the future of the Indian supply chain and logistics sector. And it is this conviction that's helping Edgistify’s customers ride their next growth wave. “By adopting straightforward, technologically advanced, and effective solutions, we at Edgistify hope to do away with warehouse and fulfillment bottlenecks”, concludes Antim Suman, Co-Founder of Edgistify.