eDOFT Technologies: End-to-End Digital Transformation Solutions for SMEs.

Appa Rao Bellapu,CEO & Founder

Appa Rao Bellapu

CEO & Founder

The world is going through a digital transformation. It is high time Indian manufacturers ride the digital wave. If a company wants to maintain profit, stay ahead of the competition and ensure customer & employee satisfaction, embracing the latest technology is non-negotiable. In fact, it is the only way forward. Moreover, staying at the forefront of technology does not always involve a cumbersome or tedious process. It simply requires the commitment of the companies to endure digital evolution.

One company that is re-defining the business consulting space with a cutting-edge technology solution focused on SME’s to embrace end-to-end digital transformation is eDOFT (electronic Data On your FingerTips) Technologies. The team’s robust experience of more than three decades in reputed organizations of manufacturing & retail industries has leveraged them to identify a major gap in providing accurate information to the senior management on their fingertips for taking informative and decisive actions. Also, they noticed there was a need for high investment required in hardware, software, consulting and implementation cost for BI (Business Intelligence) and Dashboard tools.

Appa Rao Bellapu, Founder & CEO, eDOFT Technologies, speaks “While others saw it as a challenge, we saw it as an opportunity.” Today, eDOFT provides end-to-end business solutions including hardware, software, consulting & implementation with assured business benefits and ROI within six months, which is not being provided by any other competitors in the market. Appa Rao enthusiastically says “We are way ahead of our competitors for providing solutions that are value for money pricing and single point of contact for support.”

eDOFT – The Golden Arrow of Disruption
With eDOFT’s innovative and comprehensive solution, viewing metrics and making critical decisions is as easy as looking at the watch and deciding the time to eat. Even if it’s a rocket science, the company ensures to provide a smooth interface to its users. Appa Rao avers “Every digital transformation requires a process-oriented plan that leaves nothing for the benefit of a doubt. In simple words, this is where companies fail. And, we thrive.”

Adding to this, Vineel Bellapu, VP – Service Delivery, eDOFT, says, “We are not only having experience of success, but also the vision gained from fixing and troubleshooting
implementation that was executed using haste and half cooking plans. Micromanaging at its best, we execute our own action plan dashboards and connected data sources during an implementation.”

Foraying to a newer dimension of providing result-oriented solutions, today, the company offer gamut of services to senior management of business units in manufacturing, real-estate, retail, education, medical, image consultants, and event managers amongst others. Appa Rao asserts, “We understand the customer need and try to build the products and solutions for various industries. We require PULL from customers for using eDOFT products and solutions than a PUSH from us. We have been learning from the experience and are deploying new strategies to differentiate from the competitors and stay ahead of the market.”

Because of their implications, the clients have improved the streamlining and the sustenance of internal processes, which in turn increased their employee efficiency and productivity. This also kept them informed in terms of inventory turns, reduced cost and helped senior management make informed decisions. More than anything, customers are happy that it inevitably leads to increased profitability and guaranteed ROI within 6 months. In addition to this, their AR/VR and the holographic display provide a WoW experience to the customers with 3D products/services demo. And, their microchip RFID technology adds immense benefit to retail industry giving 1 percent inventory accuracy there by significantly eliminating pilferage/theft and reduces the man hours for the physical stock count at the showroom.

Ensuring Hassle Free Services at Your Convenience
eDOFT with its core focus on UI/UX and the ease of use, the BI tool, and dashboard services are on premises has no buttons on its body. It turns ON automatically when connected to a power supply. The device is bundled with its own UPS and is connected to the client’s network using a LAN cable. But, the magic lies in its management software. It manages its resources automatically depending upon the schedule and processing load. There is absolutely no requirement for the client to maintain it. It has a planned restart and rest along with auto backup and saves the data during maintenance schedules. Also, in case of technical support (if any) they have the option of remotely connecting via a proprietary port. The portal is the only window that the user will ever need. To add to the features, a secure connection is provided to the client, when they want to view and control their KPIs remotely via a laptop, phone, or watch.

Vineel Bellapu, elaborating on the other innovative products says “Our proprietary VR Headsets and helmets use minimalistic controls, great optics and comfortable support to engage the customers for long periods of interaction and emotion capture. The reports that are generated automated
require two clicks to get what you need. Also, our holographic displays eliminate the need for a headset and let any number of people view the content while tracking their emotions”

Harnessing Growth - eDOFT's Road to Success
Over the years, eDOFT has ensured the growth of profits for all its customers, and employees’ career growth. The company’s growth in customer base has propelled its presence in multi locations and enhanced growth of top line & bottom line. In the recent past, though few investors had shown interest, the company would like to continue with self-funding for establishing the name in the market for at least 1-2 years. Once this is attained, eDOFT may look out for investors for geographical expansion.

With the core values of addressing customer needs, Integrity, Energetic, Intelligent, Transparency, building trustworthiness with customers & continuous learning, Team eDOFT consists of Functional & Technical consultants, subject matter experts, and industry veterans. And, based on the need of project execution, they deploy the manpower accordingly.

Appa Rao concluding on a positive note says “We want to remain ubiquitous in the business consulting space and will be a preferred company for providing technology-driven solutions to customers of all industry sectors. Most importantly, we want to deliver cost-effective and best-fit business solutions along with technology-driven products and services to all our customers for enhancing their customer experience and satisfaction, improving the internal processes and efficiency, increasing inventory turns and reducing the operating costs.”

Key Management:
Appa Rao Bellapu, CEO & Founder, eDOFT
Appa Rao has 30+ years of work experience at various positions & leadership roles in different functions and industries. He is having hands on experience & expertise in Business – Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics functions. Also, has implemented 4 SAP (R/3, APO, ECC 6.0 & C4C) live projects successfully.

Vineel Bellapu, VP–Service Delivery

Vineel Bellapu, VP – Service Delivery, eDOFT
Vineel has a young and dynamic personality. He is known for his straight forward approach in the industry. He has 6+ years of work experience and has worked as a consultant, Manager in some of the IT companies. He is specialized in consulting, data analytics, and dashboards.