Edmingle : Create Your Online Academy

Prashant Agarwal, Head of Business Development <br>Gaurav Doshi, Founder & CEO <br>Harshit Sharaff, Founder & CTO <br>Shawn Chong, Co-Founder,The establishment of Edmingle is an epitome for the saying ‘Big things start with small beginnings’. The idea of the company was prompted when Gaurav Doshi & Harshit Sharaff were indulged in a freelance project of building a learning management system during their college days. This small step of supporting an educational institute gave them an opportunity to interact with a lot of professors and teachers. Meanwhile, they noticed the glitch in the scenario where teachers were not able to increase the interest and engagement of students. They observed the increasing need for online education which is limited to reputed institutions only. This gap in the market incited them to launch Edmingle – a scalable & affordable platform that leads educators and teachers to create online courses and reach millions of students.

On the whole, Edmingle is a corporate technology that allows educators to build an online academy with courses best suited to the students' needs. This also allows them to create content, market and sell the courses under their own brand. With the white-labeled solution that is easy-to-use, letting students access courses anywhere / anytime, it is paving unique ways for educators to stand out among others.

While providing the users with a website and mobile app it allows them to upload videos, materials, quizzes, and other interactive content to build an engaging course curriculum in a well-structured sequence that makes sense for learners. Moreover, this helps to optimize the student learning experience by publishing well-curated
content. “With minimal or no technical knowledge our clients will be able to showcase course in a way that conveys its value to the learners. We also provide them with the flexibility of connecting their payment gateway,” says Gaurav Doshi, Co-Founder & CEO.

Shawn Chong, Co-Founder
The GenZ system lets the educators to setup course pricing and starts reaching out to students via in-built SMS and email system. With a hybrid model, Edmingle is supporting several offline institutions to manage their entire office or branch facilities such as admissions, fees, attendance and others along with online courses. It has brought in a concept called Edmingle Launchpad Plan to handpick customers who can offer everything at a customized cost.
“We closely work with them and help them prepare right content and strategy, ultimately making them gain RoI,” exclaims Harshit Sharaff, Co-Founder & CTO.

As part of growth, Edmingle is targeting to on board at least 5000 educational business and looking forward to enhance the product to enter the international market by next year

In just a year of operation, the enrolled educators & institutions have sold courses worth 35 crores through the platform. In terms of engagement, nearly 8.5 lakh hours length of videos is watched on it. While 750 educators are gaining revenue through Edmingle, students across 30 countries are acquiring the best online coaching support from them. Witnessing a steady success, Prashant Agarwal, Head of Business Development adds, "Each and every customer in a true sense is a 'Partner' at Edmingle. It is with their support and trust, which had helped us build an amazing product. Thank you partners for the trust that you bestowed on us."

Steps Taken for a Brighter Future
“We are in the process of creating awareness across the globe for the utilization of technology to drive small & medium scale educators. As part of growth, we are targeting to onboard at least 5000 educational businesses and looking forward to enhancing the product to enter the international market by next year,” concludes Gaurav.