Edubrisk: Reshaping the EdTech Sector with its Ingenuity

Saiju Aravind (Retd),   FounderIndia is becoming the EdTech capital of the globe because of the country's spectacular growth in recent years. With the governmental sector serving as a facilitator, the private sector plays a crucial role. During the pandemic, EdTech investment soared in India's education sector for facilitating online classes, tests, and more. However, Edubrisk stuck to its core principle; `Provide an environment for lifelong learning that is inclusive, integrative, and equitable'. Edubrisk's Brain friendly Educational Solutions and digital ecosystem has become popular among Schools and Students in India and Abroad for accelerated learning, bridging learning gap and differentiated and personalised teaching.

Edubrisk was founded in 2014 in a rented apartment in Kochi, Kerala, by five firm founders. Since then, they have grown by leaps and bounds with the Edubrisk Movement gaining traction thanks to the tireless efforts of Scientists, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Child Psychologists, Parents, Teachers, and even Children. They give students access to appropriate resources mapped to standard curricula regardless of their learning level, socioeconomic status, or emotional issues. "Edubrisk could be the `only' solution provider to have practically implemented the much talked about integrated education where crosscurricular (horizontal) topics and step down (pre-requisite) /step-up (Higher order) topics, real life topics and even sports and arts are integrated to the curricula for improving comprehension. Integration, Inclusion and Personalisation being the key principles, Edubrisk platform is ahead of the curve in implementation of NEP 2020 in letter and spirit", shares Saiju Aravind, CEO.
Developing Customised Study Materials
Key stakeholders like teachers, students parents and other educational enablers are all integrated into the Edubrisk Digital teaching and learning ecosystem, which leverages neuroscience, technology, cognitive science, and data science. Their affordable education, has benefited more than 1,00,000 students. Edubrisk guides kids toward academic success and all around development via a comprehensive technology based platform. Exciting and efficient study techniques have been given in seminars and webinars to more than 50,000 students. The brain friendly approach has resulted in a 10-12 percent gain in performance, over 6 to 12 months.

Edubrisk is strengthening the schooling environment by ensuring that the schooling ecosystem is capable of coherent teaching and learning with the appropriate resources and approach. Through data science based learning solutions they address learning difficulties caused by misinterpretation, incorrect direction, and a lack of awareness.

Edubrisk is strengthening the schooling environment by ensuring that the schooling ecosystem is capable of coherent teaching and learning with the appropriate resources and approach

"While teaching various subjects in school, what a student needs is to `Learn to Learn' as a 21st century citizen has to be a lifelong learner.

We focus on empowering teachers and supporting students to become a life long learner by focusing on the process of grasping, retaining, integrating and personalising (GRIP) better” says Cdr Saiju Aravind (Retd), the Founder of Edubrisk who have had two illustrious career before one as a commander in the Indian Navy and the other as a Senior scientist in DRDO.

Entrepreneur India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has named Edubrisk the winner of the Emerging Technology Solutions 2022 award at the Education Innovation Awards. They were also named Startup Entrepreneur of the Year at TiEcon Kerala in 2018. Edubrisk was approved by the KHDA in Dubai (2019).

The company generates most of its income from a single product line, but over the next three years the firm plans to introduce seven other complementary items that have been carefully chosen to support an inclusive and integrated educational environment and allow brain friendly learning. Edubrisk has a broad road map for the future and wants to be the world's most research based EdTech firm that will change the face of education by democratizing education.