Educharya: The whole new World of Visual Learning

Anita Ramdhani,Founder Learning with Fun is what is majorly missing in today’s education world. The concept of education now seems to be restricted to imparting of bookish knowledge. A more favorable state would be when education brings about an all-encompassing development of a child's personality. This is what exactly Pune based Educharya exemplifies. Educharya is a start-up that perfectly unites technology and education through online study material, brain development games, online video tutorials and fun games for CBSE, ICSE and State Board students.

Sharing the thought provoking episode that led to the foundation of Educharya, Anita Ramdhani speaks, “As a teacher, I worked for more than one decade in schools. At this tenure, I closely studied the mindset of children and found them confused about their approach to learning. This made me think about the need of education which must aim to meet quality, deeper learning to attain better understanding, and applicable learning.”

The idea took shape when Anita decided to accomplish a milieu for learning and developing maximum output and benefits
with the help of animated visualizations and other such creative experiments. "I strongly believe that education should facilitate the ever-evolving mind of a child and promote its magnificent development to be an insightful student. Educharya is not just about helping the children to enjoy learning but also helping them to explore and develop a curiosity about the world they live in. Unlike traditional workbooks and exercises, we offer hours of enthralling activities for the students’ inclusive development. That means encouraging them to learn with fun," speaks Anita.

Educharya is not just about helping the children to enjoy learning but also helping them to explore and develop a curiosity about the world they live in

Focused on the Holistic Development of Children
On a pursuit to develop a series of e-learning solutions that would transform the education techniques with a wide range of innovative services, Educharya helps children with the best opportunities to nurture their present and open the gateway for their bright future. They provide various vocabulary games and familiarize with a list of tales which the child will enjoy.

"We educate children through Balvikas with moral and ethical etiquettes,which aids the child's holistic development. We also provide with a few tips to keep fit
and fine through our "health and hygiene" tab. 'Bella'our whiz kid who can answer all the queries related to academic questions as well as ushering every child into an enthralling world of knowledge," informs Anita.

The learning experience at Educharya is kept at par with the rhythm of a classroom on the website with a lot of additional opportunities. They provide a blend of synchronous and asynchronous method of learning which would be easily adaptable to both teachers and parents. "Educharya is advantageous to tutors and educational institutions as we provide them with three dimensional animated videos, ready-to-use question banks of the entire curriculum and many more beneficial services to assist them in engaging the interests of their students," she mentions.

Striving to bring in more connectivity with the learners,the team at Educharya spends countless hours researching and surfing the EdTech space. "We persistently endeavor to revolutionize education. We have introduced the Kalpana Chawla National Scholar (KCNS), scholarship exam initiative for the young geniuses of India, promising enough to reach great heights.

The company has recently reached a pivotal point in technological advancements in teaching & learning. They further would like to take major advancements in e-learning that can radically transform and establish the potential to be adopted worldwide over the next few years with reshaping the methods.