Elecnovo: Driving Green Mobility

Ratul Borah <span>& Santanoo Medhi</span>,Co-Founder<span>s</span>
As the Indian automobile industry trying to make a switch to Electric Vehicles to drive a wave of green mobility in the country, the sector is undergoing a revolutionary change. The government with its FAME scheme is pushing the industry to come up with electric alternatives of the present fleet of conventional vehicles and move towards a fuel free, clean and environment friendly future. Non availability of indigenous developments and high costs of key components like battery, electric motor and electronic controller creates a huge challenge to make electric dream successful in India. Ratul Borah and Santanoo Medhi, founders of Elecnovo and veterans in electric motor industry possessing years of global experience recognized this gap and decided to do something innovative and meaningful for the industry, country and people. After a lot of through thinking and various brainstorming sessions, they started to build a series of electric drive motor platforms with electronic controllers, which would take the EV industry by storm. "At Elecnovo, we are adding innovations into our drive solutions, which will not only bring down the cost drastically but will also improve performance, reliability and safety of the vehicle,"says Ratul Borah, Co-Founder of Elecnovo.

Started in 2018 by these two professionals, Elecnovo is engaged in design, development and supply of intelligent, efficient and reliable electric motor and electronic controllers for Electric Vehicles. The company is focused on designing a drive solution that is electronically controlled. To make the model more efficient, reliable and cost effective, the
enterprise has come out with an innovative solution
with indigenously developed motor and controller. "We offer application specific customized engineered solutions. We are capable to do it because of our inhouse design and development of motor and controller. Acknowledging the fact that every customer has a different need, we can tweak the design according to requirements of the application and the need of the customer"avers he.

Elecnovo is focused on designing a world class electric drive solution that is intelligent, efficient and reliable

The Roadblocks
Elecnovo's road to success was laid with a number of barriers due to absence of proper ecosystem for development of motor and controller. From bringing a team together to building components and assembly to making things work in an ecosystem which is still not mature about the concept and development, the company had to battle through a number of hurdles to make a disruption in the market. But with the passion, expertise, teamwork, hard work and innovation at every step, Elecnovo has managed to make a breakthrough in the industry and is climbing high on the ladder of success.

Santanoo Medhi, Co-Founder

Way Forward
Based in Bangalore, the company at present has developed a wide range of solutions for e-rickshaw, electric scooter, electric 3 wheelers and light duty vehicles and aims to have a very optimistic growth in the future. With global experience of founders by working with clients in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Japan and China, the company looks forward to addressing the requirements of future mobility of the world by developing world class solutions for global customers. "Our focus is on two wheelers, light duty passenger and commercial vehicles as of now. We are positioning ourselves at about 500,000 pieces of annual sales in next five years. We are carving global standard solutions as we aspire to take our company beyond India and set our footprint in the global market,"Ratul Borah concludes.